Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


12. Niallers a liar

I curled up in Nialls bed, waiting for them to stop fighting. They've been yelling for nearly two hours now. Not once has either of them brought up 'Rebecca' the girlfriend. I grabbed his laptop from the foot of his bed and went on safari, surfing through Justin bieber fan sites, going on YouTube and watching stupid videos. 
I turned off the computer and put it back, I'm completely knackered. 

"May." I felt myself get shaken with soft hands on my arm. "Get up." Zayns voice registered, I'd rather die than face him.
"Leave. Her. Alone." Niall hissed from the other side of me. I opened my eyes and sat up.
"What!?" I hissed, glaring at Zayn.
"Why did you leave?!" He whispered looking slightly hurt.
"Because. True love doesn't fade. Your did. I'm staying with Niall." I stated, looking away from his hard stare.
"She picked me. Now go." Niall snapped wrapping an arm around me, I pushed away from him and stood in between them.
"Zayn! Just go! I'm sure Rebecca misses you......." I muttered, fixing him with a hard glare.
"Who's Rebecca!?" Zayn replied, seeming extremely confused. I turned to Niall who had a guilty look painted on his face.
"Niall?" I asked.
"I may have made that little detail up....." He whispered, looking extremely guilty.
"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?" Me and Zayn yelled in sync.
"Oops?" Niall murmured, backing away from Zayn who was slowly advancing.
"Zayn lay off. You would have done the same. At least Niall loves me enough to try an keep me with him." I hissed stepping between them.
"So your staying?" Niall asked excited.
"No." I snapped grabbing zayns arm and toeing him towards the door, we hopped In my truck an I drive him back to his house. We both got out and walked silently to the house.
"Are you going to bed or?" Zayn asked.
"I have some WEEDS to watch." I replied, walking into his living room and throwing the disk into the DVD player.


"Z-Zayn!" I yelled, I'm freaked out. Scared. I decided to watch a horror movie. Stupid me. "Zayn!" I yelled again, needing him to come to my room and tell me everything's going to be ok.
"I'm sleeping!" He yelled back.
"Zayn I'm scared!" I yelled back, the house settled, making me feel tears spring to my eyes, "ZAYN PLEASE!" I yelled, Paranormal activity marathon seemed fun at the time.
"Whhhaat?" He yelled, clearly agitated
"Zayn." I yelled, I'm sobbing, when Im scared I cry. A lot. A door slamming shut made me jump a million feet into the air and hide under the blankets. My door opened and my heart stopped. I'm going to be killed, or possessed.
"May. What the hell is wrong!?" Zayn snapped, grabbing the blankets and pulling them off my head. I grabbed his arm and yanked him onto the bad, curling up to him.
"I'm scared." I whispered, hearing rain hit the roof.
"Ok." He replied, pulling me closer, no air between our bodies. I feel a lot more safe in his arms, like no spirits can kill me. "What movie did you watch?" 
"Paranormal activity marathon...." I whispered, 
"Smart." He joked, I slowly fell asleep in zayns arms, feeling safe from the world. "I love you." Zayn muttered when I actually passed out. I think he said that. I may have been dreaming.


"Zayn?" I glanced around the light room, waking up alone. I stood and pulled on a bra, just wearing the bra and a pair of panties. I walked out of the room, looking for him. I walked into the living room and felt my heart stop. There's atleast five guys in here and I'm standing here in my bra looking for Zayn. "Sorry". I yelled, running to zayns rooms and curling up in his bed. I heard a roar of laughter, someone said 'she's a nice one Zayn.' I rolled my eyes and grabbed his phone from the bedside table. I was just going to text Harry to come get me but then I saw some texts to a unknown number.... I shouldn't read these.... But. 
Holly shit. This is like his fuck buddy or something. Man. I actually thought he gave a fuck about me but this says that she was over this morning. Wow... I guess I am texting Harry.
I stood and walked to my room, picking up my phone and texting Harry to come get me. I stuffed a bag with clothes and essentials and walked back to the living room.
"Hey." Zayn arm wrapped around my waist, but dropped when he saw my bag. "W-where are you going?" His friends all went silent and watched us, ignoring the game that's on the tv.
"Harry's on his way. This time just leave me alone. Don't come and tell me you care. That I'm the only one." I snapped, fighting back tears.
"You are." He lied, this hurts a lot.
"How was your morning?" I snapped, his eyes widened and he dropped my wrist.
"I'm sorry." He whispered, his friends started laughing and hitting each other a arms. Having a real good time. 
"Goodbye Zayn." I said, turning to walk away. 
"You can always stay with me baby. Anytime." One of his friends said while winking, he checked me out and licked his lips, my eyes narrowed but I walked to him.
"Might take you up on that sometime." I stated, grabbing his phone off his crotch area and adding my number.
"May. What are you doing?" Zayns asked.
"Well. I'm giving him my number. Like no shit eh?" I snapped.
"Oh by the way. I'm Brent." He muttered, I handed him back his phone and smiled at him.
I walked from the flat to see Harry waiting.
"Lets go." I muttered
"I was going to go say hi to Zayn." 
"Trust me. After what I just did there's going to be fighting in there." I muttered walking to Harry's car. "Actually. Can you take my shit to your flat? I need to visit a old friend." I'm going to my old dealers house. I could use a joint or two.
"I'll see you at mine later." He muttered. I fake smiled and walked away.

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