Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


7. Mine again

I bit my lip and held in giggles as i pulled away from mac. Niall tapped my shoulder, he had a slight grin on his face. I grinned back at him and turned back to Mac, pressing my lips to his again. 
"Ahem." Zayn cleared his throat loudly from behind me, Harry continued to kick the back of macs seat.
"Grow up." I hissed. "Your fucking up your last chance." I warned. Zayn shut up and Harry's feet stayed on the ground. I was about to press my lips to macs again when a bright flashlight hit my eyes.
"Excuse me mam. I have to ask you and your boyfriend to leave. Your being too loud." A bitchy lady stated. My eyes narrowed but I grabbed macs hand dragging him out with me.
"Wanna come chill at mine?" He offered and I nodded.
"Uh. Ill stash my keys and let Niall know where they are..." I smiled walking to my truck and putting them on the wheel. I texted Niall and Mac pulled up in a Honda.
"Leggo!" He yelled, I jumped in and held onto my seat as Mac speeded in between cars. "Favorite rapper?" He asks suddenly.
"Kid CuDi." I stated, no question about it. He nodded.
"You smoke?" He asked.
"Never tried cigarettes. Weed. Or cigars." I stated.
"You depressed?" He questioned
"Yep." I replied
"Let get baked." He decided and parked the car. He kissed the back of my hand as he helped me out. "Common." He dragged me into a field at a school.
"How do I uh.. Puff?" I asked, not sure of the proper term. He light the weed and demonstrated. When he exhaled he held the pipe up to my mouth
"Inhale when I say go." He muttered lighting it "go." I inhaled as much as possible and felt my lungs burn slightly. Mac chuckled as I exhaled slowly coughing. "Your a natural" he teased. He took another puff but kissed me while inhaling it so I did actually smoke secondhand. I inhaled what he exhaled and held it in for a second exhaling it.
"Man. I feel so happy." I muttered as I got hit with the high. He held the pipe up to my mouth and we continued our rotation of
Kiss while exhaling
I saw a car drive by but stop, red and blue lights flashed any my heart stopped.
"Run!" He grabbed the pipe and weed and took off running holding my hand. We ran and found a ladder leading to the school roof so quickly climbed up it and watched as the cops ran past.
"Shit.." I hissed under my breath as I felt paranoia kick in. I glanced around feeling exposed. "I wanna go home." I stated, closing my eyes. Sure I'm happy but Im starting to get anxiety!


"Hey." Niall handed me my keys and his eyes widened.
"SHIT! Mac got you high!" He yelled, just then Harry walked in, hearing the last part.
"May. You better not be high." Harry snapped, looking at my eyes. "Geezus! How much did you smoke!?"  He yelled.
"Uh. Allot. Mac and I had allot of that purple kush stuff." I stated closing my eyes.
"Are you ok?" Harry asked, holding me up.
"You know how I've always gotten anxiety when something bad happens? Like I told you I had it the day of the accident." He nodded an the feeling in my gut got worse. "Where's Zayn?!" I asked. When I said his name I knew something was wrong.
"He's driving home?" Harry replied. Without hesitation I ran out of my house, racing towards Zayns house. When I reached him he was hopping off his bike. 
"THANK GOD!" I yelled hugging him. "I thought you were in trouble..." I murmured into his chest.
"No... I'm glad you've forgiven me though." He kissed the top of my head and I smiled.
"I'm not sure what me and Mac are but I'm not yours anymore Zayn."
"I want you. Badly." He begged, slowly dragging me into his house.
"Zayn no." I snapped halfheartedly, truthfully I want him to have me, but I can't let him. 
"Spend the night, an tomorrow night." He ordered. My heart skipped a beat when his Lips met mine, he shoved my down on the couch and continued kissing me.


"That was fun." He muttered as I lay next to him on his bed, both of us panting for breath.
"Yep." I replied, he pulled me towards him and held me tight. "I need to go home. Harry and Niall are there. Probably worried about me..." I sat up and moved to the foot of the bed, his eyes followed me as I dressed and fixed my hair.
"Why did you think I was hurt?" Zayn suddenly asked, 
"I had anxiety, when I heard your name it got worse. Last time I had bad anxiety a motor cycle killed my parents..." I stated, kissing him goodbye.
"Ok well. Now I'm coming with you." He seems worried.


"Hey, what happened?" Harry asked as I entered my house, him and Niall were watching tv.
"Me and Zayn ended up hanging out for a bit." I stated, feeling a blush creep onto my cheeks. 
"She's blushing... What did you two do?" Niall gave me a 'I know your guilty' Look.
"Stop interrogating my girl." Zayn muttered as he walked in, wrapping his arm around my waist. He wreaked of cigarettes, I think it's hot that he smokes, I won't touch a cigarette.
"Your girl?" Harry gave me a worried glance.
"Yes...." I trialled off. He may not be my boyfriend, I'm not sure. He did ask me out on the way here but.
"We're together." Zayn stated pulling me so my bodied pressed against his, I smiled and rested my head on his chest. 
"Wow." Niall grinned but doesn't seem happy.
"What's wrong nialler?" I asked, turned towards him.
"Mac really likes you. We're his only friends at this school and now your just going to act as if you don't know him." Niall stated.
"No. Macs a great guy. I really like him" zayns arm tightened "as a Friend and I'm sitting with him until grad." I stated feeling zayns body relax slightly next to me.
"I'm ttiiiirrrreeeddd" Zayn whined.
"Cool." Harry joked grabbed me from Zayn and sitting me on his lap.
"What did you two do mayme?" Niall asked, trying to provoke me obviously, he knows it's my biggest peeve when people say my name differently.
"Yes Mayberry. What did you do?" Harry joined, I can feel my blood pressure rise. "Just tell us mayo" he teased calling me anything possible.
"Fine! Me and Zayn had sex! Happy now!?" I hissed, standing an shoving away from the two of them and grabbing zayns hand, dragging him up to my room. I flopped on my bed and looked up at him "You can go home If you want... You can also lay with me" I stated reaching my hands up towards him. He laid and pulled me close, spooning me.
"I think I'll stay..." He muttered into my hair.  "Why did that make you so mad?" He asked, probably referring to there name calling.
"I hate people saying my name incorrectly" I stated. "It's brings me back to junior high, when mr.bowl called me Mayberry because his old bestfriend with a Handel bar mustache, last name was Mayberry. It made people make fun of me and god knows how much I Hate being singled out." I sighed thinking of junior high.
Everything seemed so difficult. Grade nine, Zayn had just ruined my life by taking niall from me, right after my parents were taken from me. My grades started to slip and I can remember thinking 'if they were still alive they would kill me.' Everytime I got a report card. When I got used by multiple guys, it broke me, walker being the worst a he was a great 'friend'. Only having like 4 friends. 
"You ok?" I didn't realized I was softly crying until zayns question.
"Uh yea. Just you know. Thinkin." I stated, closing my eyes.
The countless names I was called. 
Colton leaving me to fend for myself.
Basically my entire family telling me they don't want me.
Suicide attempt one.
Harry no longer coming over.
Those things are what made me who I am today. A broken, crazy, pretty girl who's dating the most popular guy in grade 12. And still maintains friendships with the guy who's friendless.


"Hey." Zayn was already in the spot in front of me, Mac in the one next to me, and Niall in the one infront of Mac. Zayn grabbed my hips and pulled me down on his lap.
"Oh hello." I kissed his cheek and stood again, dropping my things on my desk.
"Hey." Mac grinned at me and I smiled Back. "Wanna come over and 'chill' again?" He said chill in a guilty voice, a blush on his cheeks.
"Sorry mate, my girlfriend and I have plans." Zayn snapped glaring at Mac.
"Mayberry? Is he your boyfriend?" Niall asked, teasing me.
I slammed my hands against the desk and stood, shoving away and walking out of the class. Niall followed. "Sorry?" He doesn't even know how mad I am.
"FUCK! Can you not!? My names maybry! M-A-Y-B-R-Y!" I hissed.
"I was just fucking with you!?" He's oblivious to how much I hate being messed with.
"Don't. Stop making me feel aweful about everything!" I snapped punching a wall an feeling my knuckles crack, I glanced down at my hand to see blood spilling out of the new slits in my skin.
"Shit." Niall muttered, glancing up at my face but grabbing my hand in his. I sighed and walked to the office, getting them to bandage it. I nodded in thanks and left, going back to the class that I just caused a scene in.
"Maybry, can I please see you?" My bitch teacher asked, I gave her a hard glare but shuffled over to her. "Ok. Is this about your parents? Get over it. It was a long time ago." I'm about eye level on her and when I saw her roll her eyes rage took me over and I slapped her a hard as possible.
"Bitch" I spat, before I knew it zayns arm was around me, restricting me from killing the faculty.
"Maybry. Why?" My principal asked as he entered the room.
"She told me to get over my parents death." I hissed, he turned to her stunned.
"Your fired. Get your things out. Now." He snapped walking from the room.
I felt tears escape my eyes and ran out of the room.
"May!?" Zayn yelled after me. I turned and faced him, tears spilling from my eyes. "It's fine. This is our last few weeks and were done, done with this shit town. You and I will go somewhere! I promise we will leave after grad." He kissed my nose after he stopped speaking and smiled at me.
"Please." I begged, grabbing his cheeks and kissing him. 

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