Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


2. Key

I laid on my bed, scrolling through twitter, retweeting things and giggling.
I got a notification from Facebook and clicked on the tab 
New friend request: Zayn Malik
I hit ignore and closed the screen sighing loudly. Can he not leave me alone and get over himself!? I wish he would go back to ignoring me. I'm scared as shit Because of the encounter in the hall, when he grabbed my hips. I glanced down and pulled my jeans down a bit, enough to just barely see the bruises that are starting to form.
"Ugh. I need some tea." I muttered to myself, hopping off the bed an pulling on one of my tank tops and a pair of pajama shorts.

I sipped the warm liquid, my eyes on the tv screen watching WEEDS I smiled as nancy made a funny remark. My hand slowly tracing the bruise on my hip. If my brother were here still Zayn would be killed for touching me, murdered. I need to get Zayn out of my head, out from under my skin. I can't let him win. My phone went off from its spot on the kitchen counter, I got up and checked the caller ID: unknown.
"Hello?" I asked as I swiped the answer button. I heard deep breathing and started to panic. "Hello?" I yelled, stressed to the max. The line wet dead and I slowly put the phone down, taking deep breaths to calm myself. "It's fine, probably just a wrong number." I muttered under my breath, breathing deeply.
"No I meant to call you." I jumped when I voice sounded from behind me, inside me house. I spun and saw Zayn leaning on the door frame with an amused smile on his face.
"H-how... W-what are you d-doing here?" I stuttered, terrified.
"You should really lock your door doll." He stated, stepping towards me. I grabbed a knife off the counter and held it up, trying to seem tough.
"It was locked." I stated, anger filling my body, taking over ever fibre of my being.
"Oh that's right... I had a key made." He winked, sending shivers down my spine.
"How do you know where I live?" I snapped, my voice not giving away my true scaredness. He grinned
"I followed you. You drive like a maniac." He smiled.
"Get out of my house." I hissed stepping towards him.
"Who do you live with?" He asked, not stepping away from my outstretched knife.
"No one." I replied. Wishing I would have lied and said my brother.
"Why?" He asked. I have had enough of him. I stepped forwards and slashed the knife across his arm, ripping the leather and cutting into his skin. I dropped the knife, shocked at myself. "You little bitch." He hissed stepping towards me, blood from his arm dripping onto the ground. 
He gripped my arms and shoved me against a wall, my head hitting it. I yelped In pain as his fingers dug into my bare skin on my arms. He chuckled and let go, turning and punching the countertop on his way out. When the door slammed shut I ran to it and Locked the dead bolt. Sinking to my knees and sobbing, I glanced at the red marks his nails made on my arms and leaned my head against the door.
"What have I gotten myself into?" I almost yelled.


No sleep. I stayed up all night. Scared to close my eyes. I got dressed for school, doing my hair and makeup. Not focused.

When I got into my truck and sped down the road I sang along to the radio and for the first time in a day I smiled. I laughed at my horrid voice and relaxed. Or relaxed until a motorcycle, just like zayns, pulled in front of me. Cutting my off. I honked the horn and was 'shocked' to see Zayn turn and glare at me. Note the sarcasm, I sped up, having had enough of his shit, and lightly bumped into the back of it. That set him off, speeding away, towards the school.


I sat behind Jesse as she turned giving me a worried look.
"No offense but you look like hell..." She muttered
"Thanks. I need to tell you something love." I replied smiling slightly.
"What's up?" She's always good for advice. So I went and told her about Zayn, starting from the comment before gym and how I cut his arm. Right on cue he walked in taking his coat off and showing off a bandaged arm. I sighed and turned to Jesse.
"See... I feel bad but he pushed me to it!" I yelled, frustrated.
"Shhhh." She hissed gesturing to behind me, I turned to see Zayn approaching me.
"Hey." He he said Making it sound harsh. 
"Hello." I said back, formally, I don't want a friendship, seeing as I cut him and hit his bike he should understand that.
"Your going out with me tonight." He stated, I frowned. But before I could reply Jesse stood.
"Actually we already have plans. Sorry. Maybe another time, but we have all week and next booked." Jesse snapped shooing him away, he stood his ground.
"Cancel them." He replied, angry. Jesse gave me an apologetic look as her boyfriend waved her to the hall. "I said your going out with me tonight." He hissed. 
"I'm not. Sorry, why don't you ask someone who doesn't hate you?" I replied rudely.
"I said your going out with me tonight. Ill pick you up at 5." He basically ordered.
"No you won't. Zayn seriously I'm not your bitch." I hissed back.
"You owe me." 
"I don't owe you shit." I replied. Causing a bit of a scene
"My arm." He stated
"You were in my house without my permission!" I almost yelled, receiving a worried glance from Jesse who was talking to her boyfriend.
"Just let me take you out to dinner." He sounded like that's all he wants so reluctantly I gave in. Saying fine and walking out of the study hall. 


I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a baggy hoodie that belongs to my brother, tying my hair up in a messy bun, and putting on little, barely any makeup. I smiled at my messy self in the mirror and walked to the living room, glancing at the stove clock. 4:48
Perfect. I'm ready on time. I refuse to dress nice for a dinner with someone I don't want to be with. A knock on the door told me it was time to fuck shit up. Smiling I walked to the door, answering it and giving Zayn my best fake smile.
"What the hell are you wearing?" He snapped taking in my appearance.
"Well I'm being forced to go on this date, against my will. Why should I dress nice?" I stated. He glared but then smiled a bit.
"I guess if you don't wanna dress up we can always ditch clothes all together and stay here!" He winked and stepped into my house closing the door behind him. Fucking shit. I guess I have to do something.
"Fine. Ill be back in a second." I glared at him once more and raced up to my room,  dressing in black skinnys and a white holister shirt. When I turned to the door, it was open, and Zayn was in the doorway with a big smirk on his lips.
"Mm. Thanks for the show doll." He gave me that knowing smirk of his and I felt my cheeks flush. He grabbed my hand, trying to hold it, but I flinched away, moving across the room in a split second.
"Don't touch me" I hissed, he shrugged and started towards the door I followed but mentally cursed myself out for not locking my door while getting changed.
We arrived at his motorcycle and I went wide eyes. "Fuck that." I hissed, pushing away from him and stomping to my truck, tears brimming in my eyes. 
"Common doll! Stop being such an uptight bitch!" He yelled from behind me, the tears started to escape from my eyes as I had flashbacks of the motorcycle hitting us.
My mom flying through the windshield and my dads head being hit open. My head hitting the window, while my brother grabbed me, keeping me from getting too hurt. Us staying in the car, him holding me. The ambulance getting us. The doctor telling us that they didnt make it.... It was an horrid experience and I never want to touch a motorcycle in my life.
"Maybry! Just get on the bike!" He yelled from behind me, I got to my truck an unlocked the door with shaking hands. I climbed inside it and started the engine, pulling out of the parking lot and  driving away, I could see Zayn run to his bike and hop on in my rear view. I stopped the truck in a parking lot somewhere. Putting it in park and resting my wad on the wheel and sobbing. I let all my feeling out, swearing and sobbing. I jumped when I heard a knock on the window but I continued to cry, not even looking at the person. They knocked again, louder now. I whipped some tears and took a deep breath, turning to the window, Zayn stood there, a frown painted on his face. I unlocked the door to let him in, he climbed in the passenger side and looked at me expectantly. "Why?" Was all he asked. I turned to him and took a deep breath. I'm not telling him the whole story. Fuck that. I hate Zayn Malik. He's a shit stain on my life.
"A motorcycle ruined my life." Is all I said. He gave me a look that said 'aaannnnddd' but I ignored it. Starting my engine. "Ok you have to get the hell outta my truck. Like now" I ordered, whipping my final tears and shoved him toward the door.
"Ok." He got out and walked to his bike, I sped away towards my house.


"Zayn. I want to be alone." I snapped as he opened my front door and came to sit with me.
"Too bad doll." He sat next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, I shrugged it off and moved away. He grabbed my wrist, pulling me towards him. I don't like how he acts. He needs to learn that he doesn't own me.
"Let go of me." I hissed, smacking his hand off my wrist and standing, moving across the room. He sighed and stood, taking a step towards me.
"Come here." He ordered. Reaching towards me. The second my back hit the wall was there pushing me against it. I gasped at his forward actions as his body pressed mine tightly into the wall. He chuckled when my chest pressed against his. "I don't play games." He hissed. Smashing his lips into mine, I froze. Refusing to kiss back. He sighed onto my lips "kiss me." He ordered, thinking I would listen. His lips hit mine again and tried to move them, it feels like I'm being mouth raped. My hands balled into fists. "I said kiss me." He hissed. His temper scares me. I pushed him away, grasping his injured arm in my small hand, digging my nails into the  bandage. "Ow!" He yelled, shoving away from me. He stormed out of my house and once again I locked the dead bolt, walked to my room, and burst into tears.

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