Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


8. John

As me and Zayn drove to my house in my truck the song stay came on the radio.
"I love this song." I muttered shyly, glancing at Zayn.
"Honestly, me too." He grinned "it's now our song."  I smiled widely. 
"Yay!" I cheered as I put the truck in park.
"So I'm thinking of selling my bike so you don't do all the driving." Zayn muttered looking at me for approval.
"Don't. I might. Possibly. Let you drive my truck a bit... But only If your super careful." I'm really protective of my truck. It's like my baby. We both got out and I walked around it, making sure that its still perfect. It's a big black truck, back seats, bed, things that I don't need. It's the perfect truck for me.
"It's not my style.. I'm thinking big black range rover!" Zayn stated, smiling. "But I have to go to work love. Bye." He kissed my quickly and jumped on his bike, taking off down the road.
"I think I love you." I whispered watching him disappear on the horizon. It's only been two or three days but... I'm falling hard.


I don't know what to do except watch tv and count the minutes till zayns off work, i feel as though I have no life away from him. I truly hate this feeling.
Before Zayn I used to shop, draw, watch superman movies! I've been obsessed with superman ever since I was 14, this was weeks before my parents died, me and my 'sisters' (daughters of my moms bestfriend, they now live in Africa!) went shopping together and all picked a super hero, I'm superman! I have a superman onesi, SnapBack, tshirt, dress. And a shitload more! It's crazy how many things you can find! I stood and jogged to the junk drawer and pulled out my old sketch book. Flipping through all of the drawings:
Superman sign
My sisters and I (not that bad)
Lyrics of many songs
A couple kissing
Batman, superman, and Spider-Man signs.
My sisters and I in our superhero hats
And blank pages.
I grinned and grabbed a pencil quickly sketching a picture of Zayn from memory, my old talent came back fast as I scribbled down zayns face, down to every detail. After I did his face I added his hair, doing the blonde strip perfectly placed in the middle. 

"Wow..." I jumped and felt a blush creep onto my face as zayns voice sounded from behind me. I quickly closed the page  that I had been drawing zayn as superman and spun to him. "Your drawing me?" He teased stepping towards me. He snatched the sketch book off the counter behind me and opened it to the first page, dancing out of my trying to get it back. His brows furrowed and he showed me the picture of my sisters and I. "Who are they?" He asked, holding the book out of my reach but still studying the faces closely.
"My sisters. Well. We're not related but we've know eachother forever." I stated, praying he won't find them more attractive than me. It's always been a fear of mine. He flipped through the lyrics and stopped at the picture of the three signs.
"You like heros eh?" He asked, glancing at me.
"It's the three girls. I'm superman, the blonde sister is Spider-Man, the ginger is batman." I stated, laughing to myself at the fact that I'm not telling there names. I also chuckled when i remembered that my friend keenan and i used to call him thuperman bacause we were sure he was gay. Finally he flipped to the picture of him as superman.
"I'm nots sure of I should be afraid or flattered." He winked, pulling out his phone and taking a picture of it. I quickly grabbed it back, chucking it back in the junk drawer. I smiled.
"So how was work?" I asked, pressing my lips to his.
"Gay. Grocery stores are no fun." He joked kissing me again.
"My jobs amazing" I teased "i get to have 2,3,4,5 year olds scream and run around the after school care room. It's perfect!" I sarcastically muttered. My job is awful but pays great, I have all my parents money so I don't really have money worries. 
"True." He kissed me again and I pecked his cheek, slipping away from him and running towards the door of the kitchen, strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back to Zayn. By now I'm laughing like a hyena an can't stop. "Remember what I said? Don't run." He joked, kissing my cheek "I uh. Might love you." Zayn whispered in my ear. Making me shiver.
"I think I love you too Zayn." I kissed him passionately.  
My door bell rang an I broke the kiss ignoring zayns angry moan. When I opened the door there was a box at the step and no one around. I brought it inside and set it on the table, examining it, there's no return address. I ignored zayns hands on my hips and opened it slowly, grabbing the note from the top and opening it.
"You know he's not the right one for you, you can do so much better." Zayn read out loud behind me, my eyes widened as he grabbed the note I tore the box open all the way to find a beautiful pair of toms. The kicker is on the inside of the toms there's a weed leaf drawn perfectly. Mac.  I sighed and turned to Zayn.
"It's fine. I'm yours. No anonymous note is going to change that." I kissed him quickly and showed his the shoes.
"Pretty." He stated, seeming preoccupied. 
"I'm going to go for a jog and break these in." I stated pulling on the shoes and walking towards the door. I ran out of it, straight to macs house. when I got to his door I rang the bell a million times until he answered it.
"Hey.." He grinned a I came into view.
"Thanks for the shoes." I muttered.
"You saw the leaf?" He chuckled.
"Zayn didn't. Your lucky. He's pissed, I love him Mac, I care for you but I love Zayn. Leave us be." I didn't let Mac reply, just took off jogging back home.


"May? I'm thinking ill move into yours? Because its a big house and my flat is tiny.." Zayn stated smiling at me, we spent the next few days moving him in and getting settled. "Off to work." He yelled as he left the house leaving me alone. I 

"Uh. Yea. Sure. Come in." I muttered unsure of why my cousins were at my house.
"Sorry we lost touch!" Jeron yelled scooping me up.
"Um. Not to be rude but why are you two here?" I asked as jeron set me down and jack hugged me tightly. I'm the youngest of all my cousins.
"My uh.. Dad broke out of jail.." Jeron muttered giving me a worried glance.
"WHAT!?" I yelled feeling fear creep into my body. His dad used to beat all of the cousins. 
"We're staying with you until they find him." Jack stated plopping down on my couch.
"This can't be happening. Just when things were starting to get better." I whined. " Im in a serious relationship! he lives here boys. Please don't fuck it up for me! I've been through enough." I begged, the second I finished The door swung open and the three of us jumped, thinking its our John (my uncle)
"Hey doll." Zayn walked through the door but stopped short when he saw me being held by my cousins.
"Hey!" I smiled, not remembering that Zayn doesn't know them.
"Who's this may?" Jeron asked, tightening his grip on my.
"This is my boyfriend Zayn, Zayn these are my other boyfriends, jack and jeron." I joked, jack let out a small chuckle, kissing my cheek, and jeron grinned, pulling me onto his lap, as zayns eyes nearly popped from his head. "Jks... My cousins." I jumped up and kissed Zayn quickly. "They're staying with me-us for a bit." I stated.
"And you didn't ah, mention this to me?" Zayn asked looking out of place.
"They surprised me." I grinned. "Zaynie. It's ok. They're staying here for uh... Legal reasons." I heard jeron laugh from behind me at my 'reason'.


Zayn went outside to have a smoke, so jeron an jack decided to ambush me with protectiveness. 
"He smokes. He drives a motorcycle. He's a bad ass. I don't like this may. You can't get hurt." Jaron warned. I sighed and tuned them out for a few minutes.
"We have to go check in on Sam!" Jack called, Sam is jerons girlfriend and jack likes her roomate. I giggled and hugged them goodbye laying on the couch.
My phone started ringing so I sighed and reached for it.
"Hello?" I asked as the phone was connected.
"Maybry." My uncles voice came through from the other side and my heart stopped.
"J-John." I stuttered, he's the only relative we deliberately lost contact with. He was aweful, the one time he watched me and Colton for a week he hit me and  Colton multiple times, and tried to kill our other cousins.

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