Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


3. Hickey

Zayn wasn't at school today, a pleasant surprise. It's friday and me and Jesse are going on a girls spa retreat weekend. I'm super excited for so many reasons 
1. No Zayn
4.no stress

We left school early and started to our destanation, I drove for half an hour then she did. We continued that rotation until we got to the hotel. When we were checked in I opened our door to our room, only to find some one else's bag at the foot of a bed.
"Hello?" I ask/yelled, zayns head popped around the corner and he gave me his signature smirk.
"Are you fucking kidding me right now!? Zayn. This is me and maybrys weekend, fuck off." Jesse snapped, throwing her things on the other bed.
"Nah ill stay. Don't worry. I won't big you!" Zayn stated. I'm not sure why he likes to ruin  my life, if its amusing to him.
"Fine. Jesse what do we have booked for our first thing?" I asked, angry that Zayn has ruined my weekend.
"Uh. Facials I think." She walked into the bathroom and closed the door, the second it was shut Zayn pushed me against the wall and leaned his head towards my ear
"I'll give you a facial baby." He whispered. I fake gaged and shoved him away from me.
"Fuck Zayn! Just leave me alone!" I hissed. I heard the shower turn on and sighed.
"Common. You know you would miss me." He muttered pushing me down on my bed, and getting on top of me so I can't get up.
"Fuck you Zayn!" I snapped shoving him away from me
"Ok. Lets do it." He winked, sending shivers down my spine.
"Why me!?" I thought aloud. He gave me a grin
"Something about you makes me crazy. I hate it but I'm going to get you. When I'm done with you you'll be in love with me, begging for the time of day". He chuckled. Making my shudder. "The only reason I'm here right now Is that I still want you to kiss me." He stated. Smiling.
"So your saying if I kiss you, you'll leave?" I asked hopefully, smiling he shrugged. He sat up on the edge of the bed, I followed his actions and straddled him. 
My lips found his and they moved in sync. I shoved myself off of him and walked to jesses bed. "Ok Zayn. You got your kiss. Now go." I ordered. Truthfully that was the best kiss I've ever had. Zayn shook his head.
"I liked it too much. I'm staying." I gave him my best glare and yelled to Jesse that I'm walking around the hotel, shoving past Zayn an out the door. I almost ran to the elevators and hit the door close button when I got in it, zayns face appeared as the doors shut and I smiled having avoided him. When I got out of the elevator I ran outside the hotel, I need to get away from Zayn. I smiled as I saw a tree that looks easy to climb. I jumped onto a branch and scampered up a few so I was out of sight. 

"Hey." A guy about 21 or so said as he saw me perched on a branch.
"Hi." I replied, being polite. The guy caught me off guard by climbing up to sit with me.
"What's up?" He asked calmly. 
"Hiding from a crazy guy who stalked me here and my friend here." I replied, in a voice that said 'no big deal' he chuckled and slowly slid his hand up my thy.
"So baby. Where are we going? Your room or mine?" He winked and I shoved away from him. "If you scream or act anything but natural and happy I will kill you." He snapped grabbing my arms and yanking me out of the tree, dragging me inside. When in the lobby I realized that I have no hope of escape.
"Sorry. But she's taken." Zayns voice hissed from behind us. I smiled and turned to him. For once in grateful for zayns stalking me.
"Finders keepers mate." The man give my wrist a squeeze and I gave Zayn a scared look.
"Why don't we take this outside?" Zayn ordered turning and walking to the door. The man followed, dragging me out the door and into the Forrest. When we were in a small clearing he let my wrist go and aproached Zayn, without warning Zayn threw the first blows. I know that zayns going to hurt him, if I don't step in he might kill the man. I screamed when zayns fist collided with the mans nose, cracking it.
"Zayn. Please stop!" I put my hand on his back but he just shook it off.
"Go wait over there maybry." He hissed.
"Zayn. If you don't stop I will call the cops on you for harassment." I threatened but he just laughed, the man slowly shut his eyes and I stepped back and watched as Zayn literally beat the life out of someone. When Zayn slowly stood and glanced at me with a superior grin on his face, fear flew through my body.
He took a step towards me and I turned, breaking into a run, not wanting to be near someone who just possibly killed a man. I reached the hotel and ran to the room, getting in and locking the deadbolt.
"Jess!" I yelled wrapping her in a hug.
"What happened?" She noticed my shaking and sat us down on my bed. I was about to tell her about Zayns fists beating the life out of a man who he previously saved me from, when someone's palm slammed on the door. Jesse got up and answered it, letting Zayn brush past her and walk strait to me, I shuffled away, towards the backrest of the bed. Terrified of Zayn Malik.
"Maybry.. I'm sorry. Please. Please don't run away from me." Zayn begged with a depressed look in his eye. Jesse sighed loudly and interrupted him
"May, lets go. This is a relaxing weekend away from guys who stress us out. Lets go get our facials and when we come back I'm going to have a sauna so you two can work this out then." I glared as she threw me under the bus, making Zayn smile slightly, she just promised Zayn time alone with me. Fucking shit. 

Jess shoved me into the room and closed the door behind me, forcing me into the space with Zayn. When he was sure she's gone he walked to me not missing a beat and pressed his hands to the wall on either side of me, trapping me. 
"Don't run from me." He begged. I tried to sink into the wall, wanting more distance between me and him. "Maybry I will never hurt you. You don't need to be afraid of me. I will never hurt you." He had tears in his eyes and pleading in his voice. I narrowed me eyes at him, pointing to the bruises from his fingers on my arms, I lifted my shirt slightly to show the yellowing bruises from him holding my hips. "I'm sorry. I can't control my anger doll. I care about you and never want you to be hurt. Ill leave." He had a sad look on his face and his voice cracked on the last word but I stood my ground. He moved his arms and turned to the door, opening it and grabbing his bag. When I shut I felt guilt fill me. 
"Fucking shit." I hissed as I grabbed my room Key and raced out if the room, I glanced down both halls and saw Zayn slowly walking away, I took a deep breath and ran to him, grabbing his arm and spinning him towards me. Without warning our lips met and I kissed back, putting my hands in his hair and on his neck. When I pulled away I bit my lip to hide the grin that's threatening to spread on my lips. He smiled and scooped me up, carrying me towards the room. I opened it and he kicked it open and walked us in. When he set me down on my bed I came to the realization that maybe zayns a good guy. And maybe I have small feelings towards him.

When Jesse got back she walked into the room and gasped loudly. I felt a blush creep onto my lips as I realized that zayns arms are around me, pulling me tight towards him.
"I see you two solved you differences." She sarcastically muttered, making me laugh.
"It's a long story that ill be telling you in the truck Sunday love." I gave her a don't worry smile as she gave me a worried one. 
"Ok..." Zayn muttered, sounding confused. 
"Jess you wanna come hot tubbing love?" I asked, sitting straight up. Zayns arms tightened and he pulled me back to a laying position with him. I bit his arm that was over my mouth slightly and he released me. 
"Yea." She muttered sweetly. Went into the bathroom and locked the door, getting changed into my cute red and white bikini. Walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me, Jess walked into the bathroom and closed the door. When it was closed zayn sprinted to me and yanked my towel down. I gasped an slapped him, but he didnt even seem to notice, his eyes glued to my chest. I bent down to pick my towel up and he smacked my ass. I stop quickly and slapped him again.
He sighed and smiled, slowly raising one hand towards my chest, I smacked his hand down and tightened the towel around my body.

We walked back into the room laughing our asses off at a guy who attempted to hit on us at the hottub. I went to have a shower.
"I'm having a shower!" I yelled to her, "untie me?" I asked, standing outside the bathroom door, facing away from Jesse. I felt rough hands touch my shoulders and I flinched. I completely forgot Zayn was here. "NEVERMIND" I yelled running into the bathroom and locking it behind me.  After my shower I realized something. "Fucking shit," I muttered as I realized I don't have any clothes in the washroom. "Jess? Can you throw me some clothes?" She didnt reply. "Zayn?" He didnt reply either. I figured that they passed out or went to get dinner. Wrapping a towel around myself I walked out of the bathroom, I raced to my bag and bent over, grabbing some clothes. I felt hands get placed on my shoulder and I flinched.
"Hey." Zayn muttered in my ear. I took a deep breath as his lips met my neck.
"Zayn. Stop." I begged, not wanting to do anything with him yet. 
"Common." He muttered trying to peel my towel off my body.
"Zayn...." I hissed shoving him off me an walking to the bathroom, when I was dressed I walked back out to the room and sat next to him.
"Why? Do you not want me in that way?" He sounded offended
"I-I'm a virgin" I whispered. Embarrassed. Zayn turned to me with a shocked look plastered on his face.
"Actually?" He almost yelled. "I can help you change that." He winked. I frowned.
"Not yet Zayn." I replied. I sighed as he pulled my head to his, our lips pressed and his phone went off. 
"You get that for me? I have to go to the bathroom." He asked getting up and walking away, I answered it.
"Baby! How's your parents house!?" A girls voice yelled into the phone, 
"Um this is Zayn Malik's phone." I said, checking if its a wrong number
"Tell Zayn that his girlfriends calling! You must be his sister! I'm perrie Edwards! Tell Zayn I called please." I hung up the phone, tears brimming in my eyes. Zayn exited the bathroom and kissed me, I refused to kiss back, angry.
"What's wrong?" He asked
"Perrie called." I snapped kicking him away. His face said it all, pure guilt. He reached out towards me and I slapped his hand away. "Why? Could you not just leave me alone!? Did you have to lead me on while having a girlfriend!? Just go." I yelled. 
"Maybry just let me explain." He begged grabbing my arm and pulling me towards him. My mouth hit his and I yanked away, slapping him. Tears started to slip from my eyes.
"Just go." I smacked him away.
"I'm not going until you let me explain!" He argued back.
"Zayn.." I felt sobs start to build in my throat. 
"I broke up with her a week ago. She keeps calling and pretending were still together!" He yelled. Bull shit. 
"Call her. Break up with her now." I ordered handing him the phone, he looked at the phone and set it down. "That's what I thought." I snapped. Jesse walked into the room with a confused look on her face. "Jess I'm going home. I'm not in the mood for a girls weekend. Ill pick you up Sunday." She nodded and I grabbed my bag, leaving the room. Zayn grabbed my arm and Yanked me back to him.
"Maybry. Please." He warned.
"Zayn let me go. Why don't you so see perrie" I hissed as we reached my truck. I threw my bag in an hopped in speeding away.

I just dropped Jesse off at her house. It's Sunday and I'm depressed, I have a plan to get back at Zayn. I'm going after his best friend Niall, Nialls liked me for a while now.

"Hey" I said in a flirty tone, twirling my hair around my finger. Niall looked up from his social text book and smiled at me. "I don't have my text book... Can we share?" I asked still using my flirty voice , he chuckled and nodded grabbing me a chair and I sat next to him. I noticed Zayn give us a glare so I played it up, giggling at Niall pointing to a picture and saying that it's me. I playfully slapped his arm, he laughed and lightly pushed me. I smiled at him and pretended to slap his arm, discovering that it's really built. I fake gasped and lightly squeezed his arm, commenting on how strong he is. Zayn growled and stood grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the room.
"Common maybry! Flirting with Niall?! God! Ill break up with perrie ok!?" He almost yelled, I laughed and shoved away from him.
"I actually like Niall." I hissed walking back to Niall, "hey, wanna come over to my place tonight?" I asked, to prove a point to Zayn.
"Uh yeah.. Sounds good." He replied, I grinned and walked away back to Jesse. Explaining what I'm doing. She laughed and called me crazy.

Niall sat with his arm around me, watching 21jump street. I burst out laughing at the 'Korean jeezus' part. Niall looked at me chuckling softly.
"What?" I asked jokingly
"Zayn told me not to come tonight... He said that your his." I gasped and turned to Niall.
"I'm not his! What about perrie!?" I yelled.
"He's being trying to dump her for weeks." Niall said calmly. I sighed. Fucking shit.
"Well. Malik's an ass." I muttered turning to Niall. "If I were his I wouldn't do this." I muttered, straddling him and kissing him, our lips moulded together but all I could think is 'fucking shit. Zayn was telling the truth'. Niall moved my hair off my neck and our lips separated, his slowly trialled down my neck and started sucking, leaving a hickey. I moaned softly as his lips left my neck.
"Now your mine." He stated smiling. I frowned.
"I don't like being someone's property." I stated
"Ok." He replied shrugging. Kissing the now sore patch on my neck. We madeout for the rest of the night. Only stopping because of school the next day.

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