Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


5. Gun

"Hey." Jesse muttered as I sank down in my usual seat. "What happened with that guy and Zayn yesterday?" She referred to when Zayn was held up against the lockers by Harry's arm.
"Harry's Colton's old best friend and he heard about how zayns been towards me and is now saying I have to stay away from him." I stated.
"Fun." She joked, Zayn walked into the class room and I half expected him to come over to me and say something about how I must have missed him last night but he walked past us. "Seems like he's afraid I Harry." Jess muttered jokingly. 
"Prolly. Harry's strong as hell" I stated laughing.
"Ahem. Maybry?" Niall walked up to us and pulled up a chair.
"Yes Niall?" I asked, feeling agitated.
"Zayn wants me to let you know he's going to listen to your little friend but if you want him he's there." Niall had a confused look on his face.
"Ugh. And he couldn't have told me this?" I asked, feeling more and more agitated.
"He says it's too risky." Niall shrugged an  walked away.
"Fucking. Shit." I hissed. "I'll be back." 

"Hi! I'm I'm supposed to get Harry for mrs.canson" I lied. Standing in the door way of Harry's class.
"Ok." The teacher muttered, Harry had a smug smile on his face, as he walked towards me.
"Thanks." I closed the door. "You've fucked everything up styles." I stated. Hitting him upside the head.
"Oh? How?" He seems genuinely confused.
"Zayn won't even talk to me now! I like him! Why did you have to scare him!?" I whined, Harry's eyes widened an he didn't reply his gaze fixed on something above my left shoulder. "What?" I mumbled as I turned to see Zayn standing watching us with a cocky expression on his face. Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me to him,
"If he hurts you ill kill him." Harry hissed, hugging me tightly.
"Bye." I muttered kissing his cheek and walking towards Zayn. 
"You like me?" He grinned.
"Maybe.. But if your going to be an ass about it my feelings can disappear." I stated. Without hesitation my face was pulled to his and our lips met, I kissed back, heart racing.

"I'm glad you feel that way about me, because that means I won. Niall owes me money now. Thanks doll." Zayn turned and walked over to Niall who was glaring at me. My heart broke, Zayn was just betting on my feelings. Fucking shit. I should have never let my guard down.
I walked past them and bit my tongue to hold in the tears, when I got past them I let the tears flow freely and walked to the school doors, opening them and walking straight to his bike. I grabbed my keys and put them to the side, dragging them across and leaving my mark. When I took a step back to admire my work I gave a small smile at what I wrote. 'Fuckwad.' It's not that bad but fun to write. I glanced back at the school and saw Zayn laughing through the window, obviously unaware of the damage that I did and that he did. I walked to my truck and hopped in, driving to my house, I had kid CuDi blasting the entire time I drove. It always calms me and helps the tears.
I walked in my door, closing it behind me, not bothering to lock it. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a small pail of Ice cream. I finally let out the sobs that have been building for a hour now.
"May!?" Harry's voice yelled, soon he was in the kitchen but his grin faded when he saw me. "I'm going to kill Malik." He hissed, hugging me tightly. "What did he do!?" He asked, a frown painted on his face.
"H-he bet Niall that I would fall for him. It was a-all a g-g-game" I sobbed stuttering.
"I told you. Did you atleast slap him?" Harry practically preyed
"Better. I carved 'fuckwad' into the side of his bike with my keys." I smiled slightly at Harry's grin.
"Good." He kissed the top of my head and walked out of the kitchen, I heard a door slam and I closed my eyes resting my head on the wall. "Get the fuck out." Harry hissed, my eyes shot open. I thought the door slam was Harry leaving.
"Did you see what she did to my bike!?" Zayn yelled, I can practically see the anger.
"Get the fuck out of her house. You are a fuckwad! Get out or I will hurt you." I took and deep breath and walked towards the living room, when I got there Zayn turned to me.
"What the fuck. You little bitch." He Spat, walking towards me. I stood my ground, not giving him the satisfaction.
"Get out Zayn." I hissed, giving him the death glare.
"Give me money for the paint job I now have to get." He hissed back.
"Nah. It suits you. Now get out of her house." Harry muttered warningly. I turned to walk out of the room so Zayn won't see the tears forming in my eyes but a hand wrapped around my arm.
"I said. Give me the money you now owe." His grip got tighter and I yelped in pain. 
"Get off her now." Harry warned. My wrist got released and I raced out of the room, tears falling freely. I heard a door slam again and held my breath. Praying its Zayn leaving. "He's gone! I have to go love!" Harry called I heard a door close and lock.

-2 days later- 
I've been in my bed crying and watching the vow, for two whole days. I'm sure Harry's fighting the urge to come check on me, I've only moved to go to the washroom and eat. I sobbed as the movie ended, hitting the replay button and reciting the movie word for word, bawling. I heard a door open downstairs and my heart stopped, noone can see how broken I am about this, I crawled under the blankets and covered my face.
"Maybry?" Nialls voice made more tears escape my eyes.
"Get. Out." I muttered, holding in sobs.
"Are you ok? I saw what you did to zayns bike and I'm sorry I bet him." Niall sounded genuine, "Zayn sent me to make sure you haven't killed yourself, he says the guilts eating him alive." Niall stated.
"I'm not going back. Tell Zayn that I am dead. Tell him I left a note saying that I couldn't handle being torn apart after letting my guard down. Don't tell him that I'm in my bed crying my heart out." I muttered, Niall chuckled softly. "You laugh because you have no clue how suicidal I am. This was the pain I've been waiting for since my parents passed. All it takes is a rope, a knife, or a gun and I'm free." I whispered the last part, the blankets got pulled off my face.
"Don't you dare hurt or kill your self maybry." Niall murmered a frown on his lips.
"Why? I have no family. I have no one who loves me. My brother left. Harry's the only person who cares but I don't see him around here." I hissed, standing and walking past Niall, he followed as I led him to the door. "Bye. And give me the key." I snapped, he handed me a key and I shooed him out the door.

I felt the tears pour out of my eyes as I reached Into the bin under my brothers bed. This is it. I pulled out the small handgun that he's had for years and checked the bullets. 2. I stood as walked to the kitchen. 
I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote:
I'm sorry Colton, I'm sorry haz. You are the only two who might give any fucks. I'm in a less painful place, unless I go to hell. But I think I'll be in a better place. I love you two.
Zayn. Suck my cold dead dick. I hate you. I let my guard down and you broke me. Fuckwad. 
Niall. Your a nice guy. Your bet helped end my life, so did our 'talk'.
Jess. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye. You were a great friend and you helps me through allot. 

I set the tear soaked letter on the counter and pressed the gun to my temple. 
"3,2-" I got cut off by the door bursting open, Zayn came running into the kitchen and grabbed the gun from my hand.
"Don't you fucking dare." He yelled dropping it and kicking it under my fridge. I screamed and punched him, letting out all my feelings.
"FUCK YOU! I want to die! It's your fault! It's all your fault! Get out of my house!" I sobbed shoving away from him, he picked up the note an read it, his eyes widened and he glanced up at me.
"Why? Why would you take your life because of some stupid guy!?" He hissed, pointing I himself.
"Because. I've been waiting for something horrid to happen to me so I can go be with my parents. You gave me a reason. I'm taking the option. Bye." I spun and ran to the door, it's broken, I raced out it and ran to the road, running past cars. Unfazed at the honks and the yells from Zayn. I reached the bridge and looked down, it's a long drop. I took a deep breath and climbed up the railing, sitting on the ledge.
"STOP!" Colton's voice made me turn my head, he ran towards me and I shoved myself over the edge.



I stopped falling and opened my eyes, Colton had a firm grip on my ankle, pulling me back up. 
"I came to see my sister and drive by her about to die," he stood me up and hugged me tightly. I refuse to hug back.
"MAY!?" Harry and Zayn ran towards me. "I was going to come check on you tonight!" He yelled, when his yes landed on Colton he smiled slightly but turned back to me. "Don't do this." He begged kissing my forehead. Zayn stepped towards me, shock written all over his features. "Fuck Malik! Take  a hint! She hates you! Your the reason for all of this! Go! Now!" Harry hissed shoving Zayn away from me.
"Him? He's the reason?" Colton snapped, in a split second colton had punched him and Zayn was on his back knocked out. "Why him? He's a gay little ass." Colton kicked zayns side and  grabbed my wrist, pulling me away, towards his car. I didn't speak the way home, Harry's arms protectively wrapped around me. All I want to do is die. I'm not going back to that school.
"Haz, I'm moving in with you. Your closer to lankred." I stated, speaking of another school on the other side of town.
"Ok love." He kissed the top of my head. That night I enrolled in lankred and got ready for a new start. I hide the note inbetween my mattress so I have it.

-first day at the new school-
"Hi." A very pretty girl greeted me.
"Hi." I murmured, feeling out of place.
"I know it's not my place to ask but why did you transfer 3 weeks from grad?" She asked
"I'm maybry." I muttered ignoring her question.
"I'm Kim! Here, sit with me and we can talk, you can trust me!" She seems nice so i took a deep breath and started From my parents death. After I told her the entire story she hugged me tightly. "I'm your official bestie at this school." 

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