Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


9. Goodbye and a note

"I miss my little niece. I'm going to have you visit soon." He stated, sending shivers down my spine.
"Stay the fuck away from me." I hissed, glancing outside to see Zayn tap his cigaret before taking another drag.
"Nah. Your coming to visit in three days. Ill see you then. Or else." He threatened I scoffed and closed my eyes
"Or else what!?" I snapped
"Or else ill kill your little boyfriend. Let him know smokings bad for him. Break up with him and come visit your uncle" he paused and chuckled darkly. "Tell him to watch his step." My eyes opened and I saw Zayn on the ground.
"Your outside my house?!?" I squeaked, terrified.
"Better let him in." The line went dead as Zayn walked in, I dropped my phone and collapsed onto the couch.
I can't let Zayn know. I have to make these next three days the best possible. If I don't, I'll regret it.


"What's wrong?" Zayn asked as I slipped the note into the coat of his I'm wearing, I took it of with trembling hands, throwing it onto his back seat. "May?" He asked, leaning forward to kiss me, I flinched back. "May. What's up?" He seems worried now. Deep breaths.
"It's not working out. I'm leaving. Zayn I hate you, never liked you, I pretended to be upset before, I told Colton to pretend to keep me from jumping. I'm an actress, it's been an acting exercise for me." A small hopeful smile spread on his lips.
"Haha. Very funny." He joked, thinking I was joking. I am. But he can't know that.
"Not kidding. I'm leaving tonight. Don't try to contact me again." He let a tear escape his eyes.
"May. This isn't funny." He warned
"Zayn! I. Hate. You. I hate our song. I hate how you do your hair. I hate that stupid smile you get. I hate how you try to kiss me every second. I hate everything about you." I lied, tears filled his eyes and he grabbed my wrists. 
"Please don't do this." I have to take drastic measures. I slapped him across the face.
"Fuck Zayn! Get the hint! I hate you!" I spat, holding in tears of my own. I walked to my truck and opened the driver side door, I allowed myself one glance at Zayn. He stood frozen in the spot, tears running down his face. I know what I said is harsh but when he finds and reads the note he will understand.
It says:
Zayn. I love you. Everything I said was a lie. I love everything about you. I have to leave or you'll get killed. I'm sorry, please don't come looking for me or anything stupid like that. It funny how I finally say that I love you right before I leave. And in a note. 
Love you to pieces, this hurts me more than it hurts you. 

I jumped into my truck and drove fast, towards a house I swore I would never go to again. 

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