Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


6. Forgive and forget

I sighed and plopped down on Harry's couch.
"Transfer me back!" I begged. Resting my head on his shoulder, he made isome calls and soon I was back at my old school.

"May! Thank god!" Jesse yelled as I walked to my seat. I smiled and tuned out her pointless blabbering and glanced at Niall, he grinned at me but I refuse to return it. The back of my chair  got kicked. And I spun,  Zayn was grinning at me.
"Your back." He smiled, his eye is bruised from Colton's punch. I turned back to the front, begging myself not to cry.


"Haz! I'm spending lunch with you." I ordered sitting next to him. His arm wrapped around my shoulder and his friend checked me out.
"May, this is josh." I nodded at the guy and glanced around. Everyone is staring at me. They all know. Everyone knows how I tried. It's all around the school. There all watching me, waiting till I snap. But what they don't know is I've snapped so much I'm just broken.
'Word, I can't feel the left side of my face.' My old ringtone went off and I grabbed my phone, I answered the call. Only to have Zayn ask why I hate him. I hung up and hid my face in Harry's shoulder.
"Would it be crazy for me to stab him with a butter knife, so many times that he dies a painful slow death." I whispered, Harry chuckled and kissed the top of my head.
"Let me. You can watch." He chuckled,
"Yay." I joked. Closing my eyes and wanting to be swallowed up by the bench. "I only have options. I'm going home." I lied. I have options but I'm not going home. I'm going to the river, it's an elevated spot that I used to go to with my dad.



"May?" Zayns voice called from behind me. I curled into a ball and closed my eyes, praying he wouldn't realize it's me sitting in the grass crying. "I'm sorry. The guilt of hurting you is eating me alive. Please. Forgive me." He sat next to me.
"Just go Malik. I can't ever forgive you. Ill forgive you when I'm dead. If I was lucky that would be soon." I hissed standing.
"You know that I've liked you since the first look." He stated. Standing and forcing me to look at him. "You were laughing with niall. It was my first day and I walked towards you. Ready to try and make friends but I was nervous so I took Niall from you and ignored you until I got the guts up to talk to you. Everytime I did I said something stupid and douchey. I'm sorry." He seemed legit but I can never trust again.
"I hate what you've done to me Zayn. Your right. you said that when you were done with me id be in love with you, begging for the time of day. You win. Congratulations." I turned to walk away but he stopped me. 
"Trust me. I care. I only bet Niall to seem tough." He begged.
"Trust you? That must be a joke." I hissed shoving him away from me and waking away.
"Please." He yelled.
"Zayn. You. Bet. Niall. That. I. Would. Fall. I did. You win. Fuck off. Now." I stated letting tears slide down my cheeks. I continued walking until I was sure I was out of sight, when I was I collapsed and cried. I laid in that spot for hours.
"Maybry!" Harry yelled, Zayn probably told him I'm here. I slowly stood an walked towards the voice. Only to find that Zayn is with him.
"Fucking perfect. Harry has a new friend." I sarcastically hissed.
"He's not all bad may..." Harry muttered, uncomfortable under my death glare.
"Cool. I'm moving back to my place." I walked past them towards my truck and drove to Harry's, grabbing all my things. I packed them up in the bed of my truck and fought the urge to set fire to his house.


"I just want to graduate and move as far away as possible." I stated to the career councilor.
"Why is that?" She asked, looking genuinely concerned
"These past week has been hard on me and some people at this school are truly horrid." I stated. "Can I go? I need to get back to class." I hate talking to this ladie. She's so superior seeming. Like she knows what were going through.

"Maybry. Let me speak to you." Harry begged at lunch when he saw me studying in the Maths room.
"Just Go. I won't kill myself. I need to graduate. Bye." I hissed not looking at him.
"Common maybry!" Zayn chimed in.
"That's great! Zayns here to talk to me also! Peachy." I snapped closing my Maths book and leaving the room, my arm got grabbed and I spun and slapped whoever it was. Harry grabbed his cheek and swore, releasing my arm and letting me walk from the room.
I'm so done with this town, this school, my life. I just want it all to end. Why couldn't they have let me? 
The worst of all is Harry, he always says he will hurt anyone who hurts me but when someone really truly does. He befriends them. I'm going to do the one thing I can. Find a new guy to fall for and a new guy to be my bestfriend.


"Ni?" I tapped him on his shoulder and he spun.
"Shit. You haven't called me that since we were bestfriends.." He murmured
"So Harry and Zayn are close eh?" I stated, trying to make him hate Zayn.
"Ya. I feel replaced haha." I laughed with him.
"Can we go back To being bestfriends? I miss you." I begged. Needing him.
"Lets do it." He hugged me.
Check! New bestfriend! Now I just need a new guy.

I threw some carrots(LOL) Into my cart and thought of what else I need to eat.
"Heathy." A young looking guy stated, checking my cart and me out.
"Yea. I'm trying to get rid of all the toxins." I stated, thinking mostly of Zayn and Harry.
"I've seen you in class. Your maybry right?" He asked, I felt guilty because I have no clue who he is.
"Uh yeah... And your..." I trialled off, showing I don't recall.
"Mac." He stated. I smiled,
"Well Mac, why don't I sit with you tomorrow!" I grinned, he smiled widely.
"Please. I sit alone in the back.. No one in this town understands me." He stated.
"See you tomorrow!" I said happily. I turned and walked to the checkout, grabbing a pack of gum. She scanned everything and told me the price, I reached into my pocket but a hand stopped me.
"I got it." Zayn stated, handing her his card, I glared and grabbed my groceries walking to my truck, when It came into view I saw Harry leaning against it.
"Fucking perfect." I hissed walking to it and setting my food in the back seats.
"Please. Listen to me." He begged, grabbing my arm.
"You have two minutes." I stated, setting the timer on my phone.
"Actually!" He frowned
"One minute fifty seconds." I hissed
"Fine. I'm sorry, I was going to beat Zayn up but then I started talking to him and he's actually a good guy. He really cares about you. He's liked you for a while now." Harry's stated slowly.
"Times up." I lied closing the back door and climbing into the front.
"Fuck! I give up! I hope you finally realize that none of us are actually that bad!" He yelled as I drove away. 


"Ni! Come sit back here with us!" I called, Niall grinned and joined me and Mac in the back.
"Mac, Niall. Niall, Mac." I introduced them and received a chuckle from both of them.
"We've met. Niall and Zayn have made my life hell for a year now." Mac shrugged an smiled at me.
"Ass." I joked hitting Niall. "So Mac, ni, lunch today?" I need to get over Zayn and I think macs a perfect guy to fall for.
"Yeap!" Mac stated, I laughed and Niall sat in the seat In front of me. 
"Hey." Zayn sat on my other side and gave me that smile that breaks my heart.
"May? Do you hear something?" Niall joked, ignoring Zayn.
"No not at all." I replied, straight faced.
"Hmm. How odd." Mac joked mocking zayns heavy accent. Me and Niall burst out laughing and Mac kept grinning, as happy as could be.
"Oh good one. What are we? Three?" Zayn rolled his eyes and turned away.
"Nah. I think six." Mac stated, stroking his stubble acting as if he has a beard.
"Damn boi! That's one fabulous beard." Niall laughed, I giggled at him an turned to Mac, winking.
"I think it's very hot." I stated, Mac grinned and blushed a bit. Suddenly Zayn was in the seat in front of Mac.
"Mayyyyy! Just hear me out! Niall and I only bet because we are stupid teens. Just give me another shot. He made the bet as well! Be mad at him too!" Zayn explained. I turned to Mac.
"Sorry. I think I hear a little immature prick wanting to talk to me... If we're more than you can handle we can move." I stated giving Mac the ':/' look.
"I love having you around. I usually just sit back here and scribble down raps." He muttered, I tuned Zayn and Nialls bickering out.
"You rap!?" I almost yelled, ecstatic that he raps because I've always wants to be a rapper.
"Ye.. I write my own... " he smiled at the ground and I grinned.
"That's awesome! I love rapping!" I stated. He glanced up.
"Most people think it's weird." He mumbled
"Cool. I hate most people." I stated laughing.


"Harry. Please. Just go. Your making to worse. The more you try and explain yourself the more depressed I get." I stated, tears sliding down my cheeks as Harry and Zayn held my truck doors closed so I was forced to Listen.
"Oi! Leave her alone!" Mac and Niall came running up saving the day.
"Just one second." Harry stated
"Maybry... Please. Please. Just give me one more chance" Zayn begged. 
I'm not sure if It was the desperation and tears in his eyes, or if it was the way his voice sounded but I found myself standing hugging Zayn. Letting him back into my life.
"Um. May? Lets go! The movies starting soon." Mac urged, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the theater. I waved at Zayn and gave Harry a small smile.

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