Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


18. Fiancé

"Your great. You know that?" Zayn kissed me quickly,  I laughed a light breathy laugh and closed my eyes. I'm exhausted, completely nickered zayns and i are perfectly naked laying together. My body fits perfectly next to zayns, laying next to each other makes me think zayns the one for me.  "What are you thinking about doll?" He asked, I felt myself blush.
"Us." I stated, opening my eyes to see his perfectly chiseled abbs and beautiful face right next to me
"What about us?" Zayns got the nicest eyes.
"That were meant to be together." I whispered, giggling.
"We are, and I was waiting to do this at a better time, but there's no time better than now." He sat up and I sat with him, holding the sheets up over my chest, when Zayn was standing he grabbed my hands and helped me up. I snatched his shirt off the floor and yanked it over my head so I'm not completely naked as Zayn turned and i watched his sexy ass jog from the room. I stood awkwardly waiting until he ran back in with a pair of boxers on (sadly) and his hands behind his back.
"I've loved you since I first moved here, I may have fucked up a million times, hurt you, broken you heart. But the thing is..." Zayn paused and I felt my heart skip a beat. Is he breaking up with me?! "I love you maybry. I can't live without you. So will you marry me?" He got down on one knee and showed off a dark blue velvet box, opening it to show a gorgeous diamond ring. I stood frozen as he waited for my answer, worry  started to show on his features and I can't seem to answer. 
"Yes." I whispered, he grinned and slipped the ring onto my ring finger and felt my heart swell. "AHHH!" I screamed as Zayn stood, I wrapped my arms around his neck and smashed my lips into his. "Ahhhhh!!!" I yelled again into his mouth, my heart rates increased, I feel like I'm on some sort of drug, like I'm flying high. This is the happiest moment of my life.


"Hi." I smiled at Niall and dodged his hug, running y hand through my hair like I usually do when I'm nervous.
"hey" he replied, giving me a weird look. "No hug for nialler?" He whined in a fake pouty voice. 
"Nah mate. No hug from my fiancé." Zayn laughed, wrapping his arm around me, Niall grinned.
"Finally got the balls to ask eh mate?" Niall chuckled.
"You knew?" I laughed, kind of mad Niall diddnt tell me, what kind of bestfriend is that!? 
"He told me, Mac, Colton, Harry. Everyone your close with, we were all for it, he bought the ring back a week before you disappeared." Niall smiled and Zayn punched him in the shoulder while laughing, but it was a fake laugh, full of anger.
"Shut it Niall." He snapped.
"You two talk, I have to call Jesse!" I squealed and ran from the room.




"Hey." I felt zayns hands on my hips and giggled. 
"So tell me again how he proposed!" Jesse yelled into the phone, zayns arms wrapped around me and he pressed his lips to my neck.
"Mmn." I moaned, trying to keep myself together. "We were laying in bed after crazy beautiful amazing sex," Zayn chuckled softly and continued to kiss my neck. "And he just did, it was the sweetest thing in the world." I laughed a out of breath laugh and zayns hands started slowly running up my sides and back down. "Zayn. Stahp." I laughed, pushing him away.
"That's so sweet. But I'll let you and Zayn make it official." Jesse joked.
"Ok! By Jess!" I ended the call and turned to Zayn. "So I guess I get to make love with my fiancé" I giggled
"Mm. Ill never get tired of you calling me your fiancé, but it will be even better When your calling me your husband." Zayn put his hands on my sides and I giggled. 
"Like I said, I'm fucking my fiancé." I whispered, pressing my lips to his and letting him slide his tongue into my mouth. His lips taste amazing, but when don't they? I felt him push away and a small frown fell onto my face.
"Your adorable doll." He laughed, kissing me again. Right as he was about to pull  his shirt off, I heard a loud bang and screamed slightly. "I'll go look, you stay here." Zayn whispered, pointing to the bed.
"What!? So the crazy serial killer can come find me first? Uh uh. I'm coming with you." I said, grabbing his upper arm and walking closely behind him. We walked towards the front door and I tightened my grip on him when we saw that its wide open. Zayn grabbed a knife and I grabbed a rolling pin, slowly approaching it.
"Hey." Colton whispered, I screamed loudly and jumped into the air, dropping the rolling pin. "You got a new lock." He laughed, gesturing to the door.
"Goddammit Colton! We were in the middle of something!" I yelled glancing at Zayn.
"You can fuck your boyfriend in a minute." Colton hissed sarcastically and wrapped me into a big hug
"Fiancé." I corrected in a proud but small voice, Colton released me from his hug and stepped backwards, anger shown all over his face. 
"Fiancé." Colton repeated, seeming incredibly pissed. "Your engaged!?"Colton yelled, looking from me to Zayn and than back to me.
"That's what fiancé means." Zayn muttered laughing, I awkwardly lifted my hand and showed the ring.
"When did this load of shit happen!? Last time I saw you, you were jumping off a bridge! Last I heard about you, you were missing." Colton yelled, walking up to Zayn an getting all up in his face.  
"Colt. We're in love." I mumbled, stepping between them. 
"Stay out of this maybry." Colton yelled, Zayn lightly pushed me to the side.
"Don't yell at her." Zayn whispered.
"Common Zayn, baby. Lets got to bed baby." I coaxed, trying to get him to leave it, "please." I whispered, giving Zayn the puppy dog eyes.
"Fine. Goodnight Colton." Zayn spat, walking with me to our room, I closed the door behind me and turned to him.
"Thank you." I pressed my lips to his. "So where were we?" I asked jokingly, pulling off his shirt.

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