Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


15. Depressed

"Hi." I waved sheepishly at Zayn, who looks as if he hasn't slept at all.
"May...." He glanced at my bruised cheek and black eye, "did I do that?" He asked, looking externally sad. I nodded and watched as he stepped to the side, letting me in. I obliged an stepped into the house, flinching as the door closed behind me. His arms opened to hug me but I jumped, thinking he was going to hit me. When I realized he just wants a hug I hugged him tightly.
"I love you. Even though you hurt me I love you." I whispered, feeling his arms tighten and him pull me closer to him.
"I love you. And I'm sorry doll. I never wanted to hurt you." He whispered, I stepped backwards and smashed my lips into his, he kissed back instantly. The kiss was full of love.
"Zayn... I have to go..." I whispered, walking towards the door , just as I was about to open it it flung open and Ty stood there looking pissed. "Ty. It's fine. We talked. He's sorry. He won't do I again." I stepped backwards, standing infront of Zayn.
"No he's not. I can't let you get hurt." Ty yelled, watching as Zayn stepped infront of me.
"Man. You need to get the fuck out of our house." Zayn warned, cracking his knuckles.
"Zayn. Don't." I ordered. "Ty, go." I demanded, Ty rolled his eyes and left, slamming the door behind him. I walked out of the door. "Ty." I called he turned and looked at me, worry written on his features.
"Remember when we called me your smart big brother? Cause Colton was going no where in live. I can't let you get hurt, I'm your brother may. If he so much as touches you when you don't want him to you call me. Right away." Ty said slowly, waving and jumping into his car, speeding away.
"Thanks." I mumbled to no one, turning and walking back into the house. Zayn made dinner, we watched a movie, and went to bed. I can tell he feels extremely guilty. 


"So you'll go?" Jesse asked, sounding excited.
"Sure. What's better than a half year reunion after grad." I mumbled thinking of a million things that are better.
"See you there!" She ended the call and I felt my eyes roll.
"You ok? You look scared." Harry asked, he's here for a football game or something.
"No. I'm fine. I need to tell Zayn that we have to go to a stupid fucking reunion piece of shit. Tomorrow night. Could they have not told us earlier? Hm? I have no job, no money, the only thing I have to show for myself is Zayn. And who knows, he could leave me at any second. I bet they all have greeeeeat lives, jesses probably married with a kid on the way. Everyone knows that I'm the girl who disappeared." I felt tears escape my eyes. "I have to go and I have nothing to show for my self, I could have done great crap, greeeaaaaat crap. But I didn't, I disappeared for five months and now I have no future, hell, I didn't even graduate." Harry stood and wrapped his arms around me, trying to calm me. "You, Niall, and Zayn are the only people, besides my cousins and colton, who love me, but you all can disappear, any second. There's nothing stopping any of you from hating me for all the shit I've dragged you through." I felt myself have everything unravel, mental breakdown. I sobbed, four hours straight. Zayn and Harry tried to calm me down, called Niall over, called Colton up.
"Give her a sketch book and a pencil. Harry. You should know this shit, you've Been here while she's had this before" Colton stated, telling me he loved me and ending the call. Zayn handed me my old rugged sketch book and a pen, I stood and walked away from them, dropping it on the floor outside my parents old bathroom, I walked in and closed the door behind me, laying down in the tub.
I cried some more, a lot more. I have a black eye from the boy who supposedly loves me, how am I supposed to explain that? "We were watching football like a perfect couple when my boss called, I work for a very high class fashion design studio, and I walked from the room, when I walked back in he didnt notice me because I had my cloak of invisibility on and punched me in the face. Could have happened to anyone really." I whispered jokingly to myself, the boys are probably down stairs talking about how much better Zayn can do, how he needs someone who's not crazy. When I used to feel like this I'd grab a razor and cut, just one cut or two but it helped me get my shit together. I don't know why but a minute later I found myself sitting in a pool of my own blood with a bunch Of cuts on my arm. Great. Now I need to get a long sleeved dress or a cardigan or something. Fuck.
"May.... Are you ok? You've been in there for a while." Zayn asked from the door, sounding worried, I held my breath, hoping he doesn't try to open the door and see that it's locked. I turned on the shower and tried to wash the blood off me, but it's soaked into my clothes, I tried to get my arm to stop bleeding but it won't, the bathtub has a swirl of red and white water. The door handle clicked and jiggled.
"I'm having a shower." I called.
"Why in your parents old bathroom?" Harry yelled. I heard murmuring and something about swiping. 
"Go wait over there haz." Zayn ordered, I don't know what he's going to do but oohhhkkai. I heard a Loud click and watched as the lock turned. 
Fuckidy fucking fuck. Ill lay down and maybe he won't come look, I laid as the door swung open. "May?" Zayn was at the side of the tub, I pressed my wrist to my side so he wouldn't see the cuts, the bloods out of the tub and off my clothes.  "What are you doing?" He asked, looking at my drenched clothes. 
"Showering" I sarcastically muttered, he helped me to my feet and closed the door, slowly taking off my wet clothes. I kept my arm to my side and Zayn kept his eyes on my face, not looking at my body at all. He wrapped me in a towel and carried me to our room, setting me on the bed and walking into the closet, I waited as e came out with a white long sleeved button up shirt of his, and a pare of his boxers, I dressed quickly and walked to the front of the bed, laying down and passing out.

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