Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


13. Dealer

"Hey may! Man I haven't seen you in months!" Jordan hugged me and smiled. I have him a small smile. We were never friends, we talked a few times and he was my dealer but that's it.
"I need some herb." I muttered
"How much?"
"uh. 200 dollar bag." I replied, he pulled me inside and handed me the bag. I reached into my wallet and pulled out half the amount I owe. "Shit. Ill give you the rest tomorrow." I stated, he gave me a doubtful look and went to grab it back, I stuck the weed in my bra. "Common. It's me. I've always gotten you your pay." I stated. "Thanks!" I kissed his cheek am walked from the house.


"I thought you were done with drugs?" Harry muttered as I rolled a joint with some papers I bought on my way back.
"I am. It's a relaxant. A plant... Not a drug." I rolled my eyes an licked it. Sealing it and lighting It up.
"Can you not smoke that inside." He snapped
"Sorry mom." I replied, walking to his back door and smoking in the doorway.


I giggled but stopped as Zayn grabbed my wrist.
"Please. she means nothing." He begged
"Doesssssnnnnt seem like nothing. Seems like I wasn't puttin out so you were getting in everywhere else." I snapped, singing the first word.
"Please. I love you. Maybry I love you." When he said that the song DNA popped Ito my head 'does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it? Does he flutter your heart when he kissed your neck?' I love that song. I love Zayn. 
"I love you. This is the third time we've done this. Why can't you stop seeing other sluts? Why am I not enough?" I can't believe I'm saying this.
"I don't want to get attached to you incase you leave me again." He whispered. My heart stopped and it was like I was sober.
"I won't. I swear." My lips moved on there own, making promises I'm not sure of I can keep. His lips met mine and Harry handed me my unopened bag of clothes. 
"Bye". He muttered, Zayn walked me out of the house, lips touching mine.



"Jordan! Ill pay you! I swear! I just don't have the money right now! You know me!" I whispered into the phone. 
"2 hours." He hissed ending the call.
"May!? Who was that?" Zayn asked as I threw my phone onto his bed.
"Colton." I lied. "He pissing me off." I lied again. Zayn smiled and walked out of the room. What the fuck am I going to do!? I have no job. I have no cash... It's already 7:30 and I have 2 hours. I guess I'll be giving zayns friend a call.. JUST KIDDING! Not really. 
I snatched my phone off the bed and walked down to see Zayn has set a romantic dinner up. I kissed him and sat.


"Hi." I stated at Jordan and the tall black guy at zayns door.
"Who is it?" Zayn yelled from somewhere in the house.
"No one!" I lied, stepping outside.
"Where's my money?" Jordan asked.
"I don't have it." I stated, putting my hands up in defeat.
"You better have it in a second. Or Bobby's going to fuck. You. Up." Jordan hissed, bobby cracked his knuckles and my heart stopped.
"There's gotta be another way to sort this out." I begged, stepping backwards
"I guess we could fuck a few times... Or you could be my bitch." Jordan winked and I realized why we were never more than business.
"Uhm." I muttered, the door swung open behind me and I slowly turned. Zayn has a worried look on his face.
"May... What's this?"
"I uh... I owe Jordan some money." I muttered, glancing at Jordan.
"Ya. Things have changed since high school may. Get me my money." He pulled a gun and shot the ground next to my foot, inches away. They turned and left, the second there car pulled away I started crying, sobbing. I almost got shot. Jordan was always so sweet. 
"Why do you owe him money?" Zayn seems oblivious to life.
"He's my dealer. I didn't have the full amount. I owe him a hundred." I stated, Zayn rolled his eyes ad reached into his back pocket.
"Here." He yanked his wallet out and handed me the money.
"I'm not taking your money." I snapped handing it back.
"You can pay me back later. Right now you could get hurt and I'm not letting that happen." He kissed my forehead and slid the money into my hand. 
"I'm going to pay him now. So I can get it over with." I muttered, walking down the steps.
"I'm coming." 


"Just take your money." I snapped handed him the 100.
"Thanks baby." He grabbed the money and grinned, grabbing the gun again and shooting zayns upper arm. The door got slammed and I screamed.
"Zayn!!!!!!" I yelled, his eyes widened as he slowly looked at his arm, seeing the blood pouring from the hole.

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