Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


14. Abused

I kissed the bandage better and laid next to Zayn, he chuckled and wrapped his good arm around me.
"I'm sorry.... I should have never let you come with me." I whined, guilt eating me alive.
"Don't be. I got involved with a stoner who just happens to be the sexiest person I've ever met. I do love you." He whispered kissing me softly after he finished speaking.
"I love you too." I replied into his mouth, brushing my tongue along his lower lip. I know it drives him crazy, just to tease I pushed away and rolled to the other end of the bed, facing the opposite way.
"What the fuck was that." Zayn hissed, I can tell he grinning.
"It's late. Go back to sleep." I used the words he did when he told me he didn't love me, the words that burned a hole in my heart. I know he remembers using them too because he wrapped his arms around me and moved to make me the little spoon, kissing the top of my head softly.
"I love you." He stated, rubbing my arm.
"As I do you. Night." I smiled and inhaled his sent, the best smell in the world. 



"Uh-huh." I pretended to pay attention to zayns blabbering about something, I watched as the guy who's been starring at me for nearly an hour stood. We're at the food court in the mall. 
"Are you even listening?" Zayn asked, I rolled my eyes, he sounds like a little girl.
"Yes." I lied, he took this as an opportunity to stand. 
"I'm going to buy some more Pepsi." He stated, standing and walking away. The man got closer and soon sat in zayns spot across from me.
"Hey." He winked.
"Who are you?" I hissed, glancing around.
"I'm Jarod's friend." He didnt even try to hide who he is. 
"Why are you watching me?" I snapped, looking for Zayn, he's still in line at a store.
"Jarod wants me to fuck up your life." He shrugged.
"Your really bad at this whole thing eh?" I joked in a hostile tone.
"Nah. I'm just letting you know that your boyfriend and your are over. Tonight. I won't hurt him." The guy stood walked to me, smashing his lips into mine. I pressed my hands to his chest to push him away, but he pulled me closer.
"May..." Zayn hissed from behind me, the guy pushed away.
"See you later may." He winked and walked away, I kept watching after him.
"Zayn. I swear he kissed me. I don't even know who he is. Jarod hired him and he's trying to break us up." I blurted, Zayn narrowed his eyes
"You seem to know allot for some one who doesn't know him." He stated, grabbing my bags up off the bench and my wrist in the same hand, his can of Pepsi in the other.
"Let my wrist go. Zayn your hurting me." I whined softly, his grip got tighter and I let his drag me from the mall, and lock me into his car. He walked back into the mall and I know he's not getting something to drink or buying something. My stomach tensed when he exited the mall with two mall cops on either side. 


"Zayn." I whispered, he kept his back to me. Taking a deep breath I walked to his front. He spun. "Stop being such a child. Talk to me." I hissed, grabbing his arm.
"Ow. That's the arm that got shot. Because of you." He hissed back, pushed me away from him, his eyes swimming with alcohol.
"I'm out." I don't mind being yelled at and guilt tripped but when a guy physically pushes me it's done.
"Your not fucking running from this shit. You fucked up!" He grabbed my wrist and flung me across the room, his glare cold as ice. I crashed against the wall and slumped to the floor, my head pounding.
"Stop." I begged, he's drunk, and abusing me. John abused me. Allot. I stood and glared at him, turning to leave the living room.
"Get your ass back here." Zayn yelled, grabbing my wrist and yanking me to him, chest to chest. I stepped backwards and felt his fist collide with my cheek. I slowly turned my face back to him, my vision swimming from tears.
"Let. Go. Of. Me." I ordered, wanting to leave. His fist hit my gut and I felt blood fill my mouth. I can't fight him anymore it'll hurt too much. He threw me into the wall and walked from the room, I managed to crawl behind the couch.


"May." He yelled, I curled into a smaller ball behind the couch, squeezing my eyes closed. It's been a few hours since he stopped beating me. "Marco?" He yelled in a hopeful joking tone. It's taking all I have not to yell polo. His footsteps approached the couch and I held my breath, praying he's going to turn and walk away. Next thing I know I'm sitting on the couch having Zayn beg me for forgiveness. I nodded and stayed silent. When he had decided I'd forgiven him he left, he has things to do. The second he was gone I whipped out my phone and dialed my old friend Ty's number. 
"Hello?" He asked, his voice brought back so many memory's, and so much trust. I was in tears within seconds "may. What's wrong?" I've come crying to him a million times.
"My boyfriend just beat me. Im broke. My abusive uncle rapped me, I killed him." I sobbed, 
"Where are you?" Ty asked, sounding worried. 
"At home, he went out. He could be back any minute. I'm scared Ty." I sobbed.
"Leave, go to the subway by your house and hide, I'll be there in ten minutes." He ended the call and I did as I was told, leaving and running to the subway, when I walked past it to go to the shadowed side I bumped into a tall guy. The thing that tipped me off on who it was, was his smell, Zayn. I squeaked and turned around, running away from him. But he grabbed my arm and yanked me back to him.
"I won't hit you again." He promised, looking hurt at my running, I tried to pull away but he ended up punching me just as Ty pulled up.
"Get the fuck off her." Ty hissed, pushing Zayn away from me, I ran to his truck and climbed inside, followed by Ty who started driving right away. Instantly I was bawling.
"I bumped into him. He grabbed me Ty. HE said he wouldn't ever hit me again and he did two seconds later." I sobbed.
"You should learn to play the trumpet." Ty's the master at distracting me.
"I hate instruments." I argued
"Than take a trombone and shove it up your ass and see who's walking down wallaby lane." He joked. More tears escaped my eyes. "Remember when you made out with my best friends? When we were dating.... Good times." He's really trying to make me laugh, but for once that made me cry harder, to the point where I can't breathe.
"I love him." I cried, Ty parked in front of a nice old-school house and stepped out of the car.
"I loved you." I don't think he's trying to cheer me up anymore, I think he's fed up, Ty's always been put second to my problems, put behind my shit.
"I'm sorry." I sobbed.
"Common." He started walking up the path towards the house, I quickly scrambled out of the car and ran after him, limping slightly. He opened the door and walked to an empty room.
"Living alone?" I asked, glancing around an whipping my tears.
"Yep. Alyssa and I broke up." He stated.
"Hm. Thanks for helping me Ty..." I hugged him and closed my eyes, tears fighting to escape. "Jarod... He shot Zayn and made someone kiss me infront of Zayn... It's his fault." I hissed, crying still.
"Shhhh. Go to bed.... Ill make a cardboard fort with you tomorrow morning." Ty whispered, lightly pushing me towards the bed. The thing about Ty is you never have to act mature.
"Night.." I cried, laying down. 



"May.... I'm sorry baby." Zayn whined into the phone. I looked to Ty for strength, he nodded and handed me the paper that we wrote together.
"Zayn. What you did was horrid." I read, Ty's hand in my own, him giving me the strength. "You must be mad. Thinking you can get away with that. I'm not coming back." I read, my words registered and I looked at Ty. This is not what he was supposed to right. "Until you straighten up. I love you and you hit me. That's really mad. Leaves me gobsmacked at how stupid you are." I said off the top of my head, Ty rolling his eyes and taking the phone.
"The point is. You hit her, after she got back from her abusive uncles house. She won't be back any time soon." He ended the call and watched as the tears started again.


"Hey! It's maybry!" A guy from school yelled, hugging me tightly, i smiled and walked to my little room, grabbing my jeans and hoodie from last night.
"Hey.... Ty. I'm uh, going for a jog. I need to clear my head." I stated, Ty nodded and I walked from the house. When I was out of sight I pulled out my phone and mapped a path from Ty's house to mine and zayns. I know I shouldn't go back there but..... I need to talk to him.

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