Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


10. 5 months is a long time

-5 months later-
I washed the blood that soaked through my gloves off, glaring at my uncles body.
"I hope you burn in hell." I hissed grabbing my keys and running to my distorted truck. When I hopped in I drove to my house, momentarily forgetting that Zayn lived with me and may still be there. When I entered the house I bumped into a Barbie.
"Um. Who are you?" I asked confused.
"The question is who are you and why are you in zayns house!?" She screamed like a five year old having a hissyfit.
"Technically this is my house. And I hope for your sake you can get your things out soon." I hissed shoving past her, I walked into the living room to see Zayn passed out on the couch. The sight of him sent stabs of pain through my heart.
I reached my door and slowly opened the door, holding my breath. Inside is a mess, destroyed. Glass shattered on the floor, broken bed. Awful.
I felt tears escape my eyes as I recognized the necklace that my mom gave me broken an scattered on the floor.
"M-may....." His voice woke me out of my trance. I didn't realize my eyes were closed until I opened them and turned. Zayn was looking at me as if I'm a ghost. I feel like one, I'm scarred everywhere, on my face a have a giant gash that goes from my eyebrow to my chin. It's from having my face slammed into the corner of the counter. I glanced down at my arms and took a deep breath looking at the burn scars from when my uncle held them onto the stove.
"Zayn." My voice sounded surprisingly strong. "I uh. I see you've trashed my parents house.." I didn't know what to stay but that managed to slip out.
"You were never coming back.... Your back..." His eyes seemed distant. Then It hit me, he's high.
"It's been a hard few months." The understatement of the year.
"For me too. You left me. Now your back. What happened to you!?" Tears filled my eyes and my heart broke. Zayn Malik, the man who I'm still crazy in love with Is looking at me like Im a whore, disgust, hatred, sadness. All the things his eyes say.
"Where are my cousins?" I asked, worried, Zayn doesn't matter, they do.
"They're with jerons wife" the words hit me like a tidal wave. My cousins married and I missed the wedding, I colapsed to my knees and let the emotions that have been building in me since I murdered my uncle and escaped. "Zayn!?" The barbies voice seems familiar, like I've heard it once in my life. I tried to stall the flow of tears and the sobs but couldn't.
"Uh. Perrie!? You have to go." Zayn said the name with so much guilt, it broke me. She's in my house, dating the love of my life.
"No it's fine. You two stay. Ill go to macs.." I muttered, standing and walking past him, he grabbed my wrist.
"We're not together, she's just over to tell me about her engagement, it's the guy she's been with." He had pleading in his voice.
"It's ok, I've been gone for five months. i shouldn't be sad you've moved on." I mumbled, tears streaming.
"But I haven't...." He stated, not releasing my wrist, his hand squeezed tighter and I flinched.
"DON'T HIT ME!" I screamed terrified, confusion flew across his features.
"Hit you? I'd never hit you." He seems sad that is think he would. I'm fucking stupid! Of corse he won't hit me! He's not my crazy uncle! "May... Where did you go?" He said in an aspirated voice. I can't tell him... I can't tell anyone.
"Costarica" I lied. I find this lie hilarious, I've always wanted to go to costs rica, I almost got to in grade ten but them I got caught with weed. Everyone should have know I was a stoner! I rocked rasta nails most of that year! Like how could you not know? I had a stoner banana stuffy for gods sake!
"Oh? Did you join a fucking gang?" He sarcastically hissed.
"Fine. I went to my crazy abusive uncles house." I mentally slapped myself. Why did I tell him!? Fucking shit.
"Ha. Ha. Ha." He snapped.
"I'm not kidding." I stated, eyes fixed on his.
"Shit! Is he going to come for you?" Zayns response was serious, he believes me!  It also humors me. I killed my uncle, he can't come for me.
"No." I smiled slightly.
"How do you know!?" Zayn wrapped an arm around me and pulled me into a hug.
"I killed him." I whispered, half hoping he wouldn't hear me. Seconds later I was pushed away
"What. The. Fuck. You murdered someone!?" He yelled, terror playing in his eyes
"It's not murder if no one finds the body." I stated, not joking, that's the truth. Me and my old friends joked about it my whole life. (A/N mostly today while I was wanting to kill someone) 
"Maybry... That's bad. Very bad." He seems scared of me.
"It was a big mistake to come to you, I'll be going to Harry's or macs. Maybe even Nialls. Depends on who respects me. And I can even find my cousins." I shoved past Zayn and walked to the door, throwing a cup at the wall on my way out. "Thanks for listening" I snapped as I exited the house.


"Hey haz." I muttered sheepishly as he answered the door.
"Fucking killer.." He hissed, giving me a look of disgust.
"I see you've spoken with Zayn. Goodbye." I turned and walked to my truck, ignoring Harry's pleas to talk to him. I skipped Mac and Nialls houses, Zayn will have talked to them as well. My only option is jeron and jack. But god knows where they are. Just as I was about to give up and swerve back into the other lane, drive to my dead uncles and hide his body, staying there. I saw the two of them walking down the street together. "JERON! JACK!" I yelled pulling infront of them.
"Hollyshit! What happened to your baby?" Jack yelled taking in my trashed truck.
"Get in an ill explain." Jeron hopped in the back and jack in the front, both looking at me for explanation.
"Ok. So when I left..." I started pulling into a parking lot. "I went to your dads." I pointed to jeron and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. I shushed him and continued. "He threatened zayns life so I'm sorry but i had to go, I was beat, raped and burnt." I rolled up my selves and showed the marks, I rolled up my shirt and showed the bruises that yet to fade. "Just this morning I found strength and when he turned around I grabbed the knife from the counter and stabbed him. I killed your father and ran. I now have nowhere to go and I'm terrified of being alone." Jeron smiled slightly.
"Ding dong the witch is dead." Jack sang, kissing my cheek.
"THANK GOD I HAVE YOU TWO!" I nearly yelled switching spots with jack and letting him drive us to there house.

"Zayn. Go. She's healing." I heard jeron hiss under his breath. I slunk backwards, trying to melt into the couch.
"Just let me talk to her" Zayn ordered. 
"Hi Zayn. It's nice to see you again. But I really need you to leave." Sam stated, she's jerons wife. Sweetest girl I've ever met. A true gem. The door closed and I heard them yelling zayns name. Next thing I know he's right infront of me, looking down at me.
"G-go." I ordered hating myself for stuttering.
"May.... I'm sorry for reacting that way." He muttered reaching down to grab my hand. 
It seems like everything that happens since I left my uncles is in slow motion, a dream, surreal. I moved my hand out of the way, and sunk deeper into the couch. 
"Just go. I'm trying to go back to normal, be slightly happy again but that proves to be impossible. I'm never going to be who I was Zayn. I'm no longer the girl that loved you, that was a happy go lucky little sunray. She's gone." I stood and walked away, walking out of the house and to zayns bike. He said he was selling it but I see he never got around to that. I took a deep breath and climbs onto it, revving the engine and having flashbacks to the accident. "Fuck the past." I whispered, speeding down the driveway. I drove until a cop pulled me over for not wearing a helmet and speeding.
"This isn't your license miss." The man stated, looking up at me.
"I'm sorry officer, you see I was trying to make a point to Zayn, he's a bad guy, awful really. An he will not leave me alone." I lied, well half lied.
"Is there a problem officer?" Zayns voice made me roll my eyes.
"See sir?" I asked, trying to keep from running. I glanced at Zayn to see that he came in my truck. "WHAT THE HELL!? DON'T EVER DRIVE MY TRUCK MALIK!" I yelled getting up and grabbing the keys from zayns hand.
"Miss." The officer warned.
"I'm getting my license." I stated opening the door and grabbing it.

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