How you ever wondered what it is like to feel so hated and so left out that you can't even look in the mirror? Like no body care for you or is there for you, and then you meet that one person that makes everything feel okay? That is how I felt. My name is Stephanie and I have always been sort of an outcast. I felt like no one was there. One day that changed.


1. Worthless

Worthless. That's how I felt. It all started in third grade. I was best friends with a girl named Nicole. Nicole was so sweet and fun to be around. We were best friends in elementary school. We got along so well and I was happy. I loved going to school. I had friends, I got invited to go places. Then came 6th grade. Me and Nicole  stayed close and were still best friends. We also had another friend named Macy. We were the three musketeers and nothing not even middle school the most terrifying place on earth could separate us..... For now. I had a great 6th grade year. Yeah I wasn't popular but I didn't care. I had my best friends. Then came summer and obviously I was looking forward to that. No school, no work, sleeping in. Life basically just got better in the summer, well usually. That's how I though this summer would be. Until one day, I got a text from Nicole. I couldn't believe what I had just read. She was moving..... To New York. That was so far away from our home on Los Angeles. I started to cry, my best friend was leaving me. My other friend Macy had started hanging out with the more " popular" kids. And I was just there. I was terrified of what would happen when school came around. The one person who helped me though it all was leaving. 

 When the first day of school came everyone was excited hugging friends they hadn't seen in forever, I did the same, but a part of me was missing. I said hi to everyone and then went to my home room. I was relieved to see one of my friends was in there actually a few of my friends were. These were my friends that were considered popular. I also saw that my crush, Justin had been In my homeroom . This year wasn't going to be so bad I thought to myself..... Maybe I was wrong 

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