How you ever wondered what it is like to feel so hated and so left out that you can't even look in the mirror? Like no body care for you or is there for you, and then you meet that one person that makes everything feel okay? That is how I felt. My name is Stephanie and I have always been sort of an outcast. I felt like no one was there. One day that changed.


2. Justin

    I have liked Justin since 5th grade when he moved to our elementary school. It used to be a small crush, but now it was huge. I felt like I was in love with a boy I had no chance with. Justin was popular and last year I wasn't, but this year since Nicole moved I made friends that were popular and hung out with them, so since I was I the popular group maybe he would actually notice me.   

    The first bell rang and we all went to separate classes. I was really disappointed when I saw Justin walking the opposite way down the hall way, that means he wasn't in my first period.When I got into the class I saw that my friends Haley, Syd, Becca, and Megan were in my first period. Again, these were considered my popular friends. After first period the bell rang again and we went to out next block. Megan, Syd, and Becca were in this class again. That made me so happy. 

  Okay so a little information on my friends, they are GORGEOUS. Like you wouldn't even imagine. Everything was perfect. Their hair, their skin, their eyes. I was just there. Everyone called me pretty but I didn't believe it. I didn't see it. 

    I looked around, no Justin. My heart dropped a little. The teacher closed the door to show that class started, then there was a knock at the door. It was Justin! I froze. He looked so good in his saggy jeans, and his red shirt. He had such perfect caramel brown  eyes and the most amazing brown hair flip. He was perfect. The teacher started calling attendance. The first one on the list was Justin. 

        " Justin Bieber?"

She said loudly, asking if he was here.  

      " here" he said in a sweet gentle voice. 

My stomach went in knots when I heard his perfect voice. The teacher paused to mark that Justin was here and me and my friends were just talking. 

          "Stephanie Black?" The teacher called, I didn't hear.

          " Stephanie, are you here?" The teacher said again. 

    I wasn't listening still. Then all my friends stopped talking to me and told me to say here. 

       "What???"  I said to may friends really loudly. 

My teacher looked at me.

    "Oh, here" I finally responded to my teacher. Everyone started to giggle, even Justin. When I saw him laughing I got so happy. I made Justin laugh.


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