Little Things (15+)

What Happens When Famous Zayn Malik, Hary Styles, And Nial Horan Fall In Love With 3 Ordinary Girls?


1. The Fair.

 Itzel's P.O.V.

Alexandera (My Bestfriend) And I Were At The Fair. We Were Almost in The Front Of The Line To Ride The Foot Loose. The More We Got Closer The More Nervous I Got. I Told Her " Alex I Don't Want To Ride This One. Can We Ride The Little Rides Instead?" She Laughed At Me And Said " Nooo Stop Being A Baby And Ride This With Me. Nothing Will Happen To You. I Promise." Uggghhhhh I Really Didn't Want To. We Were Finally Getting On The Ride And I Got Really Really Nervous. What If The Belt Unbuckles And I fall And Die. I Don't Wanna Die. Im Only 18.

On The Ride There Were 3 Seats Connected. I Didn't Wanna Sit In The Edge So I Ran Fast To One In The Middle. I Just Stood There. Alex Sat On To My Right. And The Left Was Empty. Then I See Erick (My Ex Boyfriend) Coming This Way. I Saw That No One Was Standing Next To Me So I Just Grabbed A Stranger Without Looking At Who I Grabbed. We All Sat Down And Put Our Belts On. The Workers came Around To Check That Everything Was Fine With The Belts. Everything Was Fine So The Ride Started. I Got SOOOOOOOOO Scared. I Just Grabbed Alex's Hand And The Strangers Hand. Wait I Still Don't Know Who I'm Sitting Next To. What If He's On Old Guy. That Would Be Weird. So I Turned To See Who It Was And I Couldn't Believe It. It Was Zayn Malik From One Direction.<3 I Completely Froze. I Didn't Know What To Do. I Was Completely Speechless. I Didn't Know If I Should Let Go Of His Hand Or Not. But He Probably Did Want Me To Let Go. So I Tried. But He Held It Tighter. I Just Smiled And Got A Little Bit Red.


Zayn Malik's P.O.V.

I Haven't Been To The Fair in Ages. Probably A Couple Of Years Before I Went To The X-Factor. And Now That I Finally Decide To Go, The Guys Had To Dare Me To Go On The Footloose Alone. Great.  I Know I'm Going No Freak Out. But I Have To Win This Bet. I Was Finally Getting On The Ride. I Was Soooo Nervous. I Didn't Know Where To Sit. I Was Kind Of Surprise The On One Recognized Me. I Began To Look Around When Someone Pulled Me From The Back. She Didn't Even Look At Me. I Did Kind Of But Not Really. I Was Caught Out Of Guard. We Sat Down And Put Our Belts On. One Of The Workers Came Around To Check The Belts. Everything Was Fine So The Ride Began. I Got SOOOO Scared. Then I Felt Someone Grab My Hand. I Looked To See Who It Was. She Was The Most Beautiful Person I Have Ever Seen In My Life. She Was Completely Shocked. Well Why Wouldn't She Be. Shes Holding Hands With Zayn Malik. Haha Duhhh. She Tried To Let Go. But I Didn't Want To Let Go. I Grabbed It Tighter. I Didn't Want To Let Go. I Think I Squeezed To Hard Because She Kinda Made A Weird Face. It Was Cute Tho.. I Didnt Let Go Of It Thru The Whole Ride. I Was Too Scared To Let Go And She made Everything Feel Better.

We Got Off The Ride And We Were Still Holding Hands. She Tried Letting Go Again But I Pulled Her Closer To Me And Held Her Other Hand. She Got REALY Red. It Was Cute. Her Friend Told Her The She Was Goinq To Get Something To Eat. She Nodded And Turn To Me. She We Did Our Eyes Met And It Felt Like It Was Just Me And Her. Like If Were Were The Only To People At The Fair. It Was Something Specail. Then Some Guy Just Randomly Pulled Her Away From Me. What Was His Problem. I Instantly Pulled Her Back With Out Even Thinking.

"Let Go Of My Girlfriend" He Said.

"Im Not Your Girlfriend. Your Stupid. We Ended Along Time Ago. Now Let Go Of Me." She Said.

"No, We Have To Talk NOW!."

"I Dont Want To Talk To You. I Dont Even Want To See You So Just Let Me Go So I Dont Have To See You."

You Heard Her. She wants You To Let Go Of Her." I Said. He Gave Me A Rudee Look But He Left Go Of Her. As Soon As He Did I Pulled Her Closer To Me And Walked Away. I Had The Biggest Smile On My Face. She Saw It And Began To Laugh. "What Are You Laughing At?" I Said. "Ohh Nothing." "Alright Then. "So What's Your Name?"

"My Name Is Itzel. I Would Ask You Your Name But Umm I Kinda Already Know It."

"Yeahh I Guess."

"So What Do You Wanna Do Now?"

"Whatever You Want. I Just Have To Meet The Boys And Tell Them."
Thats Fine I Have To Tell My Bestfriend To." Ill Text Her And Tell Her To Meet Us My The Ferris Wheel?"
"Sure. Ill Text The Boys To."

So We Met Upp With The Boys And Itzel's Friend. Everyone Introduced Themselves And We Started Talking. We Decided To Go Back To Itzel's House. We Were All Walking When I Notice That Alexandera Was Kinda Limping. "Alex, Are You Ok? You Look Like Your Limping." Nail Imidiately Picked Her Up And Ran To A Bench. 

He Said "Do Your Feet Hurt?"

"Noo. Im Fine. I Knew I Shouldn't Have Worn Heels To The Fair." Who Does That?"
"You Do. And Its Fine. But I Can See That They Are Hurting You."

"Nooo Im Fine Guys. I'll Just Take Off My Heels And Walk Barefoot."
Are You Crazy? Do You Know Who Dirty This Floor Is? Im Noo You Are Not Walking Barefoot. I Will Carry You To The Car."

"Noo Thats Fine. I' Just Leave Them On."
"Then They Will Hurt You. Let Me Just Carry You. Its Fine With Me."

"Fine. But ONLY To The Car."


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