Little Things (15+)

What Happens When Famous Zayn Malik, Hary Styles, And Nial Horan Fall In Love With 3 Ordinary Girls?


2. Itzel's House. (Metting Rosa.)

Itzel's P.O.V.

We Got To My House And They Boys Were Kinda Amazed Of My House. I Dont Understand Why. It Was A Normal House. But They Wouldnt Take Their Eyes Off Of My House. Well Except Zayn. He Would Keep Staring At Me. I Getting Red So I Turned So He Wouldnt See Me. But He Grabbed My Chin And Made Me Look At Hiim. We Stared In To Each Others Eyes Again. We Were Staring For About 2 Minutes. We Would've Gone Longer But Nial Asked Me If We Can Go In. I Felt Kind Of Embarrased. So I Let Them In And We When Straight To The Living Room. It Took Me A While To Get Their Attention. But I Got It.

"Guys Why Are You Guys Staring At My House. Its Not That Pretty."
"Your Right. Its Not As Beautiful As You." Zayn Said.
I Started Blushing So I Ran To The Kitchen To Get Some Drinks. I Hadnt Noticed That Zayn Followed Me.  Zayn Said. " Why Do You Turn Away Everytime You Blush. Why Cant You Just Blush In Front Of Me?" "Because I Find It Embarrasing So I Just Turn Away." " You Really Should Just Blush In Front Of Me. So I Can See The Beautiful Smile You Have." "Noo I Rather Turn." "But iRather See That Beautiful Smile." He Walked Close To Me And Grabbed My Chin Before I Could Turn. "See Thats The Smile I Wanted To See. Its So Beautiful." I Got Even More Red. I Got All The Drinks Together And Went To The Living Room Where Everyone Was At. Louie ANd Liam Called Their Girlfrends Over. It Didnt Take Long Before They Were At The House. Almost Everyone Was With A Partner.
Except For Harry, He Kinda Felt Left Out. So I Called One Of My Frends. I Kew She Would Come In A Heart Beat If I Told Her Harry Styles Was Here. Shes Came 5 Mins After I Called Her. Her Name Is Rosa.

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