A Girls Worst Best Friend

Valerie finally got her parents to send her to a private school! Everything goes her way until she finds out her one of her roommates is her ex-best friend, and to make it worse her ex-boyfriend goes to the same school.


3. Roommates and the Note

Author's Note: Before I start this chapter,I must inform you guys that I have a terrible cough and fever. If I do not update in a while it's probably because I am sick as heck- Shelby 


"Oh you must be Natasha" the girl said. "If I was, I'd probably kill my self." I said looking up from the pillow. She giggled nervously. "Valerie?" she asked. "Yep that's me" I sighed. "And you might know my name already" she replied. "Yea, Leslie, right?" I said. She nodded. Her hair was short, it was shoulder length. She was holding a hair comb in one hand, and a blow dryer in the other. I slowly opened the note and read it. 'Meet me in the school garden before midnight- Tony' it read. "Damn, why does he want me to meet him there"I said. What if he wanted me to be his girlfriend again. If it's that, he has a fat chance. Natasha burst into the room. "great" i said a bit to loudly. "oh whats that!" She said snatching the note. She ran to the corner of the room and read it aloud. "Meet me in the school garden before midnight" ."Oh look it's from Tony!" she exclaimed. "Are you trying to be cute? Well it's failing" I growled. Leslie peeked  her head out from the bathroom. "Uh, well hehe" She said walking out. Natasha folded the note and put it in her bra. "This means war" I growled. "Ok,Ok. Lets be friends here" Leslie said. I looked at the clock, It's was becoming night. "I'm going to shower." i said. "Oh yes,you wouldn't want to smell on a date." Natasha said. Gosh I wanted to kill her. I opened up my luggage and gathered undergarments and a casual sundress. Nothing too fancy. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I sighed and looked at the mirror. It's going to be a long, long night   

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