A Girls Worst Best Friend

Valerie finally got her parents to send her to a private school! Everything goes her way until she finds out her one of her roommates is her ex-best friend, and to make it worse her ex-boyfriend goes to the same school.


1. Me, The Bus, and my Ex

  I'm Valerie Cole. I've been trying to get into this awesome private school, but my parents are so overly protected just because I have to move from Ohio to Florida. It took me forever to convince them, but I promised to study my butt off, which is partially true. "Ok, Val promise that you'll call us everyday." my mother said grabbing my arm. "And no boys" my dad growled. Typical him. "Fine" I sighed. 'Yeah right dad, you think I'm not going to talk to at lease one boy the whole school year' I thought. I grabbed my luggage, which weighed tons, and gave my parents a kiss on the cheek and walked outside. "Woah I get picked up on a bus?" I asked my self. I felt special. I got onto the bus and got in a seat. By the way, I sat by a really cute guy near the window. Before the bus left my mom gave me a thumbs up, she mouthed the words 'Good job picking who you're going to sit next to!', plus my dad raised his eye brows keeping a close eye on me. The bus took off. "Hey" the cute guy greeted. "Hello" I mumbled. "Wait, are you Valerie Cole?" he asked. I turned my head and looked at him closely. "Tony?!" I exclaimed. That moment I realized that when my mom mouthed the words before I left, she was being sarcastic. Tony is my ex-boyfriend. We broke up because he was playing around with other girls, if you know what I mean. "Yep that my name" he said causally like nothing ever happened. "How's Mara, Daniela, Dani, Danielle?" I growled naming a few girls he was using. "Who?" he asked. "I'm surprised you haven't forgotten my name, yet" I mumbled. He looked into my eyes. "You still mad?" Tony asked. 'yes' I thought. "Why do you think I'm mad?" I asked. "Because I can see it in you eyes, and you have this really annoyed tone" Tony said. I shrugged. He smirked and stared at the window. I got out my iPod and put in my earbuds, I played the song Hymn For the Missing by Red. I felt one of my earbuds getting pulled out of my ear. I looked over at Tony and he had the earbud in his ear. When we were dating, he tended to do this when I am mad, I listen to music when I am mad, It's kinda sweet though. I blushed a bit and shrugged. Oh well its going to be a long ride anyways.... After that song finishes Lights by Ellie Goulding played next. Tony smiled at me. He knows I love this song. I rolled my eyes and looked away. 'Gosh why does he do this to me' I thought. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, I kept imaging Tony and I when we were dating. Why am I even thinking this! Opened my eyes and Tony was sleeping like a baby. His brown hair fell over his eyes. " Why me? Well, at least Natasha isn't here" I mumbled.          

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