A Girls Worst Best Friend

Valerie finally got her parents to send her to a private school! Everything goes her way until she finds out her one of her roommates is her ex-best friend, and to make it worse her ex-boyfriend goes to the same school.


2. A New Friend and an Old One

 I got off the bus with all my burdens and headed to the school. I needed to get far away from Tony as I could. I was walking so fast that I bumped into a person. "I'm so sor- Valerie!?" the person said. I looked at her. It was the last person I wanted to see. Natasha.... I got up ran  towards the school trying to get away . This is not going to end well.... "Hello I'm Amber Clark I'm the principle. You can call me Mrs.Amber" A middle age lady said holding out her hand. I shook her very slowly. "Ok whats your name?" Mrs.Amber asked. "I'm Valerie Cole from Ohio..." I said. Mrs.Amber flipped threw papers and handed me two pieces of paper. I read the first one. Valerie, Leslie, and..... Natasha. Room 25 in girls dorm. 'Someone kill me now' I thought. The other paper had my classes. Well, at lease Tony is not here right now. Tony ran into the building. Spoke to soon. "Valerie!" he yelled. "Oh lord give me a break" i mumbled. "This fell out of your luggage" he said handing me a charm bracelet. My faced turned red, that was the bracelet he gave me for my 15th birthday. I snatched it out of his hand and put it in my pocket. He smirked. Gosh i hate when he does that. "Why do you still have it?" he asked. "Uh, What? Oh look at the time I got to go!" I panicked and walked the other direction. He grabbed my arm and looked at me straight in my eyes. "Wait. Here" He said handing me a note. 'Someone smack  me with a brick please'I thought. He let go of my arm, I started running for the girls dorm. Mrs. Amber just stood there confused of what just happened. I got to room 25 and opened the door and fell face first on the bed. "Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!" I mumbled into the pillow. "Who's there!?" a voice filled the room from the bathroom. "A person" I said. A girl with brunet hair walked out of bathroom.       

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