Battle of the Bands

Harry Styles wanted to play bass in a band, not sing. His best friends, Hayd Morris and Will Sweeny, convinced him to sing though. Little did he know that little thing they did for him would affect his life forever. Picking up their friend Nick Clough to play bass, putting Will on drums and Hayd on guitar they headed off to battle of the bands.

Louis Tomlinson always wanted to be on stage. He started with musicals and one day formed his own group with a few friends, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik. They didn't really know each other too well actually. They were brought together through family talking about how wonderful each sounded. With Liam on drums, Niall on guitar, Zayn on bass and Louis singing, they were unstoppable. One Direction would win it all, until they met their challenge, White Eskimo.

But, as long as the One Direction boys, every single one of them, keep their focus, they have nothing to worry about. Which shouldn't be that hard, Zayn and Liam had each other,


1. Prologue

"Are you ready," Will asked Harry as they loaded up their car to head to battle of the bands.

"As ready as I'll ever be mate," Harry sighed.

"That's the spirit," Hayd cheered.

"Hah, sure, whatever you say Hay," Harry teased.

"We agreed to never speak of it," Hayd warned.

"Guys we really have to go now," Nick shouted from the drivers seat before starting the range rover. Harry pushed Will and Hayd away and ran for the passengers seat before they could, his loose curls bouncing around in the haste.

"C'mon slow pokes," Harry called out to them from his open window, laughing as he watched them groan and stand up.

"Watch it, Styles," Hayd warned flipping his dirty blond hair out of his eyes from where it had fallen.

"I'm so scared," Harry grinned. Hayd and Will climbed into the back seat, put on their seat belts and then they drove off to the competition.


"This place is huge," Nick exclaimed as they pulled up to the arena the battle of the bands was being held at this year.

"Yeah, well we've never been here before. Plus I've heard this year has the most acts than any other before it," Will stated sounding unaffected by the huge stadium in front of them.

"How are you so calm about this giant place," Harry asked frantically.

"Went to a concert here a few years back," He said nonchalantly. Hayd, Harry and Will gaped at him. "How did I now know this about my best friend?" Harry and Hayd both thought. "Yeah, well, close your mouths you're gonna catch flies, and we're gonna be late," Will told them getting out of the car. They all grumbled in response and got out of the car walking inside to sign in and set up.


"Are you guys super excited like I am?" Louis exclaimed to his three friends.

"Yes," Niall yelled back, equally as excited and dragging the the 's' out drastically.

"Well lets get going, where is it this year Li," Louis asked the boy who was cuddled up to his boyfriend.

"The O2 arena in London," Liam informed him.

"One of the smaller places this year then, huh," Zayn added in. They all just nodded in agreement as Louis started up his car and started driving.

"Niall, turn on the radio, let's sing along. Need to get warmed up for tonight," Louis winked as he drove. Niall just laughed and turned on the radio to hear Ed Sheeran playing. The boys in the car all grinned at each other and started belting out the lyrics to Ed's song Little Bird already excited for the long drive they got to spend with their best friends.


When the One Direction boys arrived to the arena there were only about three cars there already so they decided to just go and pick up their equipment from their storage bin and then come back.

You may be wondering why they kept their stuff in a storage bin but to them it was simple. They already came here every year and before they got the storage bin they had to lug everything down to London in an already tight spaced car. So Louis handed his car keys over to Liam and Zayn to get the equipment while him and Niall walked around and met the competition that was already there.

When they had already met two of the bands already there, Sonice Boom and Jumping Jays, which they'd heard play before Louis had to take a break to go to the bathroom. As he swung the door open and pranced into the bathroom he saw a mass of curls at the sink washing his hands. Louis stared at him, starstruck, for a moment before the boy turned around and saw him which Louis really wished he hadn't done because as soon as he saw his bright green eyes his breath caught in his throat.

Louis was still staring star struck at the boy causing him to chuckle, "Hello, I'm Harry," The boy said holding out his hand and breaking Louis out of his trance.

"L-Louis," Louis studdered out and put his hand out into the other boys, Harry, as he said. Harry smiled in response and Louis completely forgot he had to pee seeing the boys dimples. "So erm, I haven't seen you at one of these before," Louis muttered.

"That's because it's my first year, well mine and my bands. We're called White Eskimo," Harry informed him.

"Awe, I see, well I'm from One Direction," Louis grinned as they walked out of the bathroom. Harry stopped in his tracks and turned to Louis.

"Seriously," He asked in awe.

"Yeah, why," Louis asked warrily.

"Well, it's just, you guys are like legends around here," Harry exclaimed. "Man, I can't believe I'm talking to you, wait aren't like two of you gay or something?"

"Actually three, but Zayn and Liam are together and Niall has Amelia, I'm just a single, gay, pringle," I explained with a frown.

"That's okay, I'm one too," Harry said starting to walk again.

Wait, did this gorgeous boy just say he is single, gay and a pringle?! I'm in for it this year.


I am uploading this on wattpad before I do on here so it will take me a lot longer to upload it onto here. Let me know what you think of it please and it I should continue posting it on here.


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