Nice to Meet You

Gabrielle and Cassie are Vampires and they have never found a love and are cold hearted and when they finally meet somebody that turns them around and doesn't even care about them being Vampires. (1D)

Kiley and Riley ~ Are Witches and twins and there hole life depends on their necklaces that they got when they were born, Kiley's is a purple star shaped pendant and Riley's is a Red Heart when they meet somebody including Gabbi and Cassie plus the boys there lives are changed forever sometimes in a good way, and in a bad way too.


3. How they meet

  Gabbie's P.O.V ~ Come on Cassie let's go it's night time we have to hurry before the other Vampires still our food. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" She says while running down the stairs. I open the door and walk out slowly as we are walking to Scarlet Park there is a few group of people standing around playing. I'm curious so I walk up to them and they look at me and say "Never seen you around before love what's your name?" "Gabrielle." I say in a voice like you don't want to mess with me. "Beautiful name." The one with deep brown eyes and short stubby hair says. "Yeah right." I say while laughing. I look back and see my sister talking to an emerald green eyed boy with brown curly hair. I grab her by the arm and say we have to go and we take off running. She then asked me "What's wrong with you?" "You'll understand when you are older." She laughs and says "Yeah when exactly would I be Considered older?" "Huh, Gabbi?" I stop and say "Only you know that." I take off running and get my dinner. She looks at me and says "I'm not hungry anymore, I can't believe you sis I mean all these times I've let you be mean to guys I thought was cute but you know now I'm done with it. Don't talk to me." She runs off. "Cassie wait." I say but she doesn't here me. I sit there wondering why she would act like this but maybe it is my fault I'm just trying to protect her.

Cassie's P.O.V

I return to the park with tears in my eyes and Harry asked me "Woah why are you crying rainbow tears?" "Contacts." I say. He don't believe me but goes with it. "So why are you even crying a pretty girl shouldn't cry." He says then he wipes away my tears and I smile a little, and his cheeky grin shows through. I look away still smiling and then I stand up and say  "I guess I got to go I have to be home by now, bye."  "Bye Cassie." he says back. 

Harry's P.O.V ~ Cassie was a beautiful girl but she was so mysterious I can't figure her out she's so sweet and kind. I may have only met her for a couple of hours but it felt like I knew her forever. I must see her again, or she won't ever leave my mind. 

 Liam's P.O.V ~ Gabrielle is amazing, there's something about her that makes me want to see the real her. I know she ain't letting it through but she will I will make her I love her and I think Harry has a crush on her sister. There's just something about her that won't let me sleep unless I'm thinking about her and her only. Her blonde hair up in a snapback was adorable she reminds me so much of someone I've met before. Maybe she was a directioner at one of the concerts I don't know, but I remember that laugh. 


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