Nice to Meet You

Gabrielle and Cassie are Vampires and they have never found a love and are cold hearted and when they finally meet somebody that turns them around and doesn't even care about them being Vampires. (1D)

Kiley and Riley ~ Are Witches and twins and there hole life depends on their necklaces that they got when they were born, Kiley's is a purple star shaped pendant and Riley's is a Red Heart when they meet somebody including Gabbi and Cassie plus the boys there lives are changed forever sometimes in a good way, and in a bad way too.


1. Beginning :)


Meet Gabbi :) 

Gabbi's P.O.V 

Hiya I'm Gabbi and yes I'm Vampire got a problem? Didn't think so. Well I'm 19 years old forever and I personally don't believe in love because the guy who turned me into this creature I thought he loved me but a three little words have no meaning and I had to find that out the hard way. I have a sister named Cassie and I love her and yes love means love but sisterly least when I say it it's a meaning. Cassie has stuck with me ever since we were little she's younger me by one year and she's real flirty, but she's not going to open up to anybody because she thinks I will be mad personally I won't but she thinks that, I'll let her think that. Anyways you know what I look like and I'm not going to tell much because its secret but you might find out later on..... 

 Here's my eye color 

Everybody says they want my eyes but I hate them, I'm not like a normal human being and you know I'm fine with it I've learned to get over it over the many many years. I just wish one day my eye color could be normal I mean mine can change but I have to wear contacts this is what it looks like with contacts. 

And they say that's beautiful I prefer Brown, Dark Brown eyes reach into your soul it's so beautiful.  Well I guess that's enough of me I'm not really used to describe myself but I guess I did and OK job but you know whatever.  Peace for now!

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