Out With The Old, In With The New

Megan came across an old "friend" in high school, who she had trouble with. And then they meat again, not even being in touch? Cawensadence, I think not.


1. In The Past

Megan's POV


It all started in 3rd grade. A very young age to start, but no one could control that. None of the other boys in my class were like that. But he was. And it kept going on, the things he said. And It never stopped. Ben was indeed, not right in the head. He'd say stuff that were out of this world, and not in a very good way. And the next year, it just got out of hand.

"Ohh yea, hot dogs on the menu today" Ben said, sitting down at the table across from us and giving us that look that told us he was about to do something, well.... wrong. And right then, put the hot dog in a place where it shouldn't be, and just waved it around. "Ew Ben, you're disgusting" my best friend Jamie said. "Yea, you know you're gonna get caught someday" I said, joining in. "I don't give a crap" he said. "Whatever" me and Jamie both said in unison, turning around. 

"I think I should do a purple for te walls" Jamie said as we were lining up after lunch. "I think that would be cute since its you-" I stop, having the feeling that someone is staring at me. I turn around, and sure enough, Ben is staring right at me. But, more specifically, my boobs. I quickly just cover up with my lunch box, and Ben, suddenly having no interest, turned around. "Why does this happen to me?" I think. "I'm only 10 years old, I'm just not ready for things like this"


All the things he did, all the things he said. Definitely not age-appropriate. That was just one of he MANY things he did. It seems that the only way for it not to happen, is to make it want to happen. Like, if I just ignored him, he'd bother me more. But if I was "friends" with him, he'd still do it, but just not as much as much as he would if I ignored him. And I don't know why, but I've never discussed it nor did I talk about it with anyone but my friends,  probably because they know the things he does because they're there when It happens. I guess I've just never felt comfortable with talking about it to other people.


Anyway, so as my birthday is coming soon, me and my mom start to make an invite list, and I have to put Ben on unless he'd never let it go. So, as the party roles around.... "I'm gonna go to the bathroom" Jamie whispered to me, getting up. "Okay" I say back. When she leaves, sitting 4 spots across from me comes Ben, and he sits right in Jamie's seat (which is right next to mine). "Move" Jamie says to Ben when she comes back. A normal person would just get up and go back to their seat right? Well, and as you all know, Ben is not normal.


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