Out With The Old, In With The New

Megan came across an old "friend" in high school, who she had trouble with. And then they meat again, not even being in touch? Cawensadence, I think not.


3. He Knows Where I Am

*After 5th grade, Ben and Megan lost touch. Megan moved to a different state and started middle school there. She was sad, sad because she had to leave all of her best friends and family. But happy, because when she moved, she knew no one that acted like Ben. And she never saw him again. Or, will she?*


Megan's POV


"Thanks for coffee Claire, see you later" I said. "See ya" she said back. "Hey do you need a ride?" She asked. "No, I'm gonna walk home, but thanks for the offer" I lied. "Your welcome"

Only about three minutes into my walk, I get a text.


To: Megan

From: Unknown

Hey babe i haven't seen u in a while. But I'll change that. I'll come get u.



To: Unknown

From: Megan 

Who r u!!!


To: Megan

From: Unknown

U don't need to know. U'll know when u see me 


And right then, I felt myself getting dragged into an ally way, and then getting pushed up against a brick wall. "I've been waiting" Ben said.

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