Loved You First

Being Louis Tomlinson's childhood best friend is quite tough. Louis' childhood best friend Nicole goes through her story about her love for Louis and her sacrifices. As her best friend leaves her to start a new career, Nicole also makes it big. When they see each other again, will everything be the same or will they throw away their old memories?


3. Secret Relationship

Today is the first day of high school. My mom was crying as she prepared my lunch this morning. "Have fun at high school sweetie.", she said in between sobs. "Okay mom. Please stop crying. I'll be back at 3:30.", I said laughing a bit at my mom's reaction. I went outside and waited at the bus stop. I live at the other side of Doncaster, and school was a few blocks away. I sat in the middles seat beside Stan. So happy to see him, I gave him a hug. We talked for a long time, and as curious as I was, I asked Stan about the deal with Louis and Hannah last Summer. He told me everything. Everything that he wasn't supposed to tell me, but I promise him that I'd keep it a secret. I found out that Louis and Hannah are dating. They've been inseperable during the Summer. A lot of questions were running through my mind right now. Stan was actually the only person I told about my crush on Louis. Stan hugged me, and I was so close to crying. I pulled away from the hug, and just stayed silent during the whole bus ride. We're picking up the last person to go on the bus, and that's Louis. I looked up, and saw that Louis wasn't the only one at the bus stop. Hannah was also there. I asked Stan why Hannah was there, and he explained "Hannah's dad sold their old house, because Hannah's dad got a new job at this side of town, and it was too far from school, so they moved to Louis' street. Did you know that they happen to be neighbors?" Stan looked at me with an apologetic look, and I looked down again. When Louis and Hannah got on the bus, they sat in front of us. Louis, Hannah, and Stan were talking, not including me in the conversation, and that's when I plugged my earphones on my iPod, and just listened to some music. We then got to school, and our teachers were still touring us around. Today was an easy day, and the following school days were easy for me. Louis and Hannah aren't talking to me anymore. I only talk to Stan. Just Stan. It hurts to just randomly lose best friends, especially when you don't know the reason for. As I said before, I randomly lost best friends.

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