Loved You First

Being Louis Tomlinson's childhood best friend is quite tough. Louis' childhood best friend Nicole goes through her story about her love for Louis and her sacrifices. As her best friend leaves her to start a new career, Nicole also makes it big. When they see each other again, will everything be the same or will they throw away their old memories?


6. Pinky Promise

On my way to Art class the next day, Stan caught up to me. "Nicole, good news, Louis made it last week. He's going to bootcamp.", he said excitedly. Stan was sick yesterday, so I guess, that's why he never told me. All I could say was, "Why didn't you tell me last week?" I don't kow why I said that, it kinda just slipped out of my mouth. "Louis told me at prom, and I was sick yesterday, that's why I never got to tell you. Well, I should've texted you, but oh well. Gotta go to History. Bye.", he said. "Okay then. Bye Stan.", I told him. I was sad, yet happy at the same time. Happy that Louis is finally one step closer to his life long dream, which was in fact, to be a singer. And sad, because I miss talking to him, and hanging out with him. I just miss everything. Louis probably doesn't care. He stopped caring. I guess, best friends don't last forever. I remember the day we pinky promised each other that we'll always be best friends.


Louis and I were sitting on the swings at the nearby park. We were about 6 years old at the time. I told Louis to get off his swing, and to start pushing me. He did as told, and I was happy at that moment. Not having a care in the world. Just having the best time with my best friend at the park. He was saying something, so he stopped pushing. "Hey, Nicole! I need to tell you something.", he said with excitement. "Okay. What is it Louis?", I asked him. "Hold out your pinky. We're gonna have a pinky promise.", he said commandly. I did as I was told, and he continued on. "Promise me that we'll be best friends forever and ever. No matter what happens, we'll always be besties.", he finished off. I took his pinky in mine, and said, "I promise." We both smiled at each other, and a little while after, I hugged him. "You're the best bestie ever!", I said. "You are too!", he said.




As those memories raced through my mind like a movie projector, I couldn't help but smile. I didn't even notice that I zoned out for the whole class until I heard the bell rang. Mrs. Kingston had to call me back for a little bit. She said that she noticed that I wasn't paying attention. So, as a punishment, I have to write a 500-word essay on the elements of art, and it's due tomorrow. I said my goodbye, and headed home. School was over for today. Finally, some time to think...

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