Loved You First

Being Louis Tomlinson's childhood best friend is quite tough. Louis' childhood best friend Nicole goes through her story about her love for Louis and her sacrifices. As her best friend leaves her to start a new career, Nicole also makes it big. When they see each other again, will everything be the same or will they throw away their old memories?


2. Lonely Summer

Time seems to fly by so quickly. It seemed like I just had my 7th birthday yesterday. I just graduated from middle school a month ago, and now, I'm finally free. Summer time! My Summer consists of partying, hanging out with friends, swimming, camping, fishing, and a little bit of Summer camp. To top it all off, I'm gonna be doing most of those things with my bestie Louis. Yes, I said most, cuz I don't get to do all of them with him. That may be sad news, but I'm still excited. Louis and I were walking down the beach, and just talking. We are really really close friends, and as you can quite tell, we've been best friends for a long time. Louis and I got ourselves some ice cream, and carried on talking. We were gonna go surfing, until Louis refused. "Why not?", I asked him with a sad face. It took him a long time to answer, but he just said that he had to go. I waved him good bye, and felt a little sadness. Was Louis trying to avoid me? What did I do wrong? Did I say something bad? Millions of thoughts flooded my mind, but all those questions remained unanswered. The next day, I asked him if he wanted to hangout, and he responded with a no. For the next few days, I didn't even bother calling him or texting him. I'm afraid I might just get turned down, and might end up sad and disappointed. I thought I was gonna have a good Summer, but I guess not. I tried calling Stan, but he wouldn't answer, I tried texting him too, but still no reply. Where could he be? Is he with Louis? I asked myself questions, but I remembered where he is now. He's in the US visiting some of his family. My last option was to call Hannah. I was hoping that she would answer my calls or actually reply to my texts. I have my fingers crossed as I dialled her number. Luckily, she answered. "Hello?", she asked from the other line. "Hi Hannah. It's me Nicole. Wanna hang out?", I asked her. "Oh hi Nicole! And I'm sorry, I can't. I have something very important to attend to. Maybe next time.", she responded. We said our good byes, and hung up. What was going on? I'm so confused.

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