Loved You First

Being Louis Tomlinson's childhood best friend is quite tough. Louis' childhood best friend Nicole goes through her story about her love for Louis and her sacrifices. As her best friend leaves her to start a new career, Nicole also makes it big. When they see each other again, will everything be the same or will they throw away their old memories?


8. Graduation

A few months had passed, and I'm still here, broken. I can't believe it, Louis lasted a few months without me. I just can't comprehend to this right now. It's grad today, and I'm a little excited and nervous. I'm supposed to give the Valedictorian speech. Really nervous. Halfway through the ceremony, I delivered my speech. After a few boring hours, it was over. Thank goodness. Everyone took pictures outside, and some of them actually asked me to be in the picture with them which was cool. My mom was obviously crying. She was blabbering about how proud she is of me and all. I love my mom. She's always that proud mom, but she can go a little overboard sometimes. I was then looking around and once again, the same two people caught my eyes. Yep. Louis and Hannah. Surprise! Louis had his hands wrapped around Hannah's waist. She was crying. "Louis, I'm gonna miss you. I'm sorry for everything I did wrong. And babe, I'm proud of you. I love you.", she said. Louis just looked up. He then said, "You didn't do anything wrong babe. I'm sorry as well. I love you." They then went separate ways waving at each other, hopping in on separate cars. I wonder what happened...

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