Loved You First

Being Louis Tomlinson's childhood best friend is quite tough. Louis' childhood best friend Nicole goes through her story about her love for Louis and her sacrifices. As her best friend leaves her to start a new career, Nicole also makes it big. When they see each other again, will everything be the same or will they throw away their old memories?


4. Are We Still Friends?

It has been a few years, well about, 3 years, since I last talked to Louis and Hannah. During those 3 years, I excelled at school. Always the A+ student, and also good at sports. This is gonna be my last year in high school, but before graduation, we have prom. Prom is coming up in 3 days, which is on Friday. Most of the guys in the school are already asking girls out to prom. I, myself am not really excited for prom. I'm more excited for our play next week. In that play, we're re-enacting Grease. Anyways, I was walking down the hallway to get to my next class, until I got startled. Someone tapped on my shoulder, and I looked around. "Nicole, I have something to tell you.", he said. "What is it?", I asked. "Louis is auditioning for the X-Factor after school.", he said with an excited look on his face. When Stan mentioned Louis' name, my stomach felt queasy. "Cool.", I said not giving any attention to what he's saying. "Sorry Nicole. I'm gonna talk to you later. Gotta go before Mrs. Robinson gets mad at me for being late.", he said rushing. We told our good byes, and I proceeded to class. Since I was the last person to get to class, there were no more spots left to sit on. Well, there was one spot, which was beside Louis. At this time, I'd much rather just stand. If you're wondering where Hannah is, she ain't here. She's in the same class at Stan, and I'm in the same class as Louis. The bell rang, and luckily, our Science teacher Ms. Smith wasn't there yet, or else, she would've marked me late. I have no other choice to sit beside Louis, and finally, Ms. Smith came, and started today's lesson. After class, Louis tapped my shoulder and asked me something. "Hey Nicole. Um... Do you wanna come with me after school, and come watch me at Wembley for my audition?", he asked kinda nervous. I didn't budge, and just carried on walking. He caught up to me again, and turned me around by grabbing on one of my shoulder. "Nicole, please respond to my question.", he said with pleading eyes. I carried on walking, and headed to my locker, he was still following me. I went outside, and I looked back, and saw that he wasn't following me anymore. A few minutes later, the door bursted open, and I saw Louis without his stuff. Maybe he put his stuff away in his locker. Good thing it was lunch time, or else we would've been late for class. "Listen, Nicole, I'm sorry. I know we never talked in about 3 years, but please, answer me.", he said sadly. "Louis, you forgot about me. 3 years had past, and I never received a text from you. Not a call either. You won't even talk to me in class. You were hiding a secret from me, and that's you dating Hannah. You never told me. Why? I don't know. You two have been inseperable. For goodness sakes! Louis, you decided to talk to me after 3 damn years? It took you so long to realize that I've been hurt, and alone. No best friends. Except for Stan that is, but I want my best friend, that is for a fact, Louis Tomlinson, Lou, my bestie since birth. Did you decide to distance away from me all these years, cuz you find out that I liked you?", I asked angrily. Yes, I just told him that I liked him. That is, once again, liked, I don't like him anymore. I don't really care if I tell him that or not. "You liked me? As in, you don't anymore? I'm sorry, I never knew you felt that way.", he apologized. "Well, I'm not accepting your damn apology. And yes, I did like you. Not anymore. To answer the question you've been bugging me about before, I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go to Wembley, and watch your damn audition. I'm too busy asking myself asking if we're still friends. Louuis, are we still friends? Are we?", I said, now bursting into tears. "I'm sorry. And, I don't know. You hate me now.", he said. Before I could respond, I bursted through the door leaving a sad Louis there.

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