Bloodthirsty Awakening

"All of a sudden I remembered everything. Images of my transformation into the blood sucking creature known as a Vampire. It wasn't something I could control it just happens. I had images of the people I killed and screams flowing though me from the past. I remembered the face of the Vampire who changed me. All of the pain I gave others returned to me as I remembered. All of the faces stopped when I remembered Cassius."

"Have you ever had your heart broken? Well picture that moment only add horror, pain, and blood."


4. I Desire Part 1

Henrietta's Point Of View

The sun had set and I was weak. With very little control over my body and thoughts. I 

had no control over what was about to happen. I would just have to watch as the

demon would... feed its thirst. 

All I was able to do was watch, and feel for these poor innocent people.

The one thing I hated most was when 'she' would look for someone to feed off of. I would help make the choice. Whatever person was around, the one I did not want her to harm...would be her first choice. I couldn't help feeling for them. It was a nightmare every night. I would pray every sundown she would not see Cassius. He hated who I had become more than I did.

During the night I wasn't the same person by any standards. My looks would change the darker it got. My hair from golden locks to black and dead. My eyes Bright Yellow, you could see them a mile away. My lips would turn redder then blood. My skin would turn so pale it would be almost a grey. 


My dead body walked in the middle of the dark street, no cars in sight. As I walked the street lights I passed would flicker. There was no people to be seen. 

"You think you have been saved for the night, don't you Henrietta?" a voice came out of nowhere.

"No one to feed on for the night? The night has only just begun." she continued.

"Henrietta, you can't hide from yourself." She said in a calm whispered tone.

"Speechless tonight? Usually you can't stop talking. Maybe I might be able to eat in peace. Usually you are trying to stop me." she said whilst laughing in a devilish manner.

"What about you and I visit your old friend...what was his name again? Oh yeah, Cassius." I felt my face give a wicked smile as Cassius's name smoothly slipped out of my mouth.

"Speak!" She yelled impatiently.

She stopped moving as she waited for a reply.

"Still not talking? I can make you talk, you know." Her voice could make your skin crawl.

"Not even a hello?" She laughed yet again.

"Fine! I have no choice but to do this." She spat out as her wicked smile grew bigger.

She took her sharp nails and carved them into our arm piercing through the skin, till it was pouring blood. She felt nothing but I was dying with the pain.

Her cackling echoed through the street.



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