Haunted By Harry Styles

Harry Styles was brutally murdered but no one knows how or why, he pushes all his problems on Alex who has her own problems to deal with, and forces her to uncover the unspoken secrets of his life.


2. Chapter 2.

       Alex's POV

                          I barged through my bedroom door, my arm slung over Courtney's shoulder to keep me upright. She let me off at the foot of the bed, I fell into the carelessly made covers as she sat down next to me, fiddling with my hair.

"That was a fun night, huh?" I asked giggling in between words, clearly intoxicated.

"Yea....fun for you.." Courtney's lip curled into a frown.

"What's wrong? Didn't you have fun?" I furrowed my eyebrows, sitting up on my forearms.

"Well partying isn't exactly my idea of 'fun'." She trailed off, her thoughts somewhere else.

"Oh yeah, and what's your idea of 'fun'." I made air quotes on the word 'fun'.

"I don't know....scrapbooking, cloud watching, reading-."

"BORING!!" I rested my head back on my bed, I stared up at the ceiling, trying to make sense of the patterns within the paint above.

"Well I better get going, take care." She patted my knee cap before standing up and smoothing out her dress.

"I'll text you later!" She called over her shoulder as she exited my room, closing the door behind her.

"Kay, bye." I listened as her footsteps retreated down the stairs and out the front door.


      I spent an hour tossing and turning in my bed, first it was to hot then it was to cold, and by the time I finally got comfortable I wasn't tired anymore. I groaned, flinging the covers off, my hair left jumbled and knotted from the constant moving. I hobbled out of bed and downstairs, I ventured to the fridge snagging anything that looked....edible. With my hands and arms full I shut the door with my foot, revealing a neon pink sticky note stuck on the corner of one of my old paintings from elementary. It read:

                          "Dear Alex,

                                             Your father and I are out at the Bahamas, we will be back next weekend. Don't forget to feed the cat, do your homework, and take your happy pills.

                                                                             xoxo Mom, and Father"


"UGGGGHHHHH!!" I groaned as I walked to the living room couch and setting the pile of food on the mahogany coffee table. It's been almost a year since my 'self-harming' accident. I was just going through a bad phase. I felt empty...like my life was heading no where...which it isn't. But with time it heals, I got back up from the couch and into the kitchen. I snatched the happy pills off the counter and poured them down the drain, just to prove I don't need them. I plopped back down on the couch, kicking up my feet on the table. I grabbed a bag of chips from my feast and the remote and flicked through the channels.

"Harry Styles missing?" The reporter stood out on the sidewalk that I recognized, that was just a couple streets from where I was now. I didn't really care for the news, or Harry Styles but since it was in in my general area I decided to put the remote down and continue listening.

"Yes, the ladies-man Styles didn't come home last night after going out to a club with his mate Louis, which Louis said  he was bored and left early without Harry. When we asked Louis if he saw him before he left he responded with.."Yes I did, but I didn't tell him I was leaving because he was busy doing...other things." His other band mates say it is odd that he hasn't texted or called any of them. After doing a search they found Harry's phone on this very side walk. At first the theory was Harry left the club with a friend and dropped his phone and wasn't able to contact people. But we asked the party-goers who were at the club the same time as Harry and they all claimed he left alone."

"Who cares." I had enough information, I flicked to the next channel, Teen Mom was on. I would rather watch a show about how girls got knocked up at 16 then Harry Styles.


      I shot my eyes open after hearing a loud sound from the corridor, I wiped the drool of the side of my mouth and glanced at the clock. 4:30, I had slept for three hours. I rose from the couch and began to stretch every way possible, sleeping on a couch can really mess up your back, I heard the same noise that had awakened me coming from the pitch black corridor. I slowly tip-toed over to it, I gripped the edge of the wall as I reached for the light switch. As soon as I turned it on my cat shot out of the corridor, nuzzling my shins.

"OH muffins you scared me, I thought you were some physco killer." I bent down to scratch her ears.

"Hisssssssssss." Muffins bared her teeth, fur standing on edge, she ditched me running full speed away from me.

"Well fine then!" I turned into the corridor again to turn off the light switch. As soon as I turned my head around...I saw him. Hi back leaning against the wall, his hands deep into his pockets, his head bent looking down at the ground. I took a few steps back, shock had taken over me, my heart was beating a mile a minute.

"I need you...." He lifted his head, to reveal a face stained with bitter tears, his curly locks dangling carelessly over his eye lids. His presence was new to me but he was not unrecognizable, it was him......Harry Styles.


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