in this short story Annabeth finally ends her misery


1. revenge

She couldn't hold back from sleep any longer. She knew she had to stay awake but finally she let her heavy eye lids close over her blood-shot eyes. As soon as they did what had happened only a few nights ago. Their blood was everywhere covering the walls and floor, her sisters ear piercing scream accompanied with a gun shot as he finally put her out of her misery ended her life and left Anna-Beth with only her sisters mangled bloody body still laying in the cold dark basement. She jolted awake, breathing shallow, her hair damp with sweat.

"Liz is dead, she's dead." Anna-Beth slid her feet across the cold hard floor of the basement, pulling her knees to her chest. She let the tears slip from her eyes soaking her cheeks she muttered under her breath 'this is my fault, I should never have stood up to dad" As the dark truth escaped her lips she cried even harder. She finally stopped crying, She fell against the brick wall grimacing, looking along her arms and legs all the fresh cuts bruises still stung and dried blood surrounded them. Anna-Beth's eyes adjusted to the dark.  She looked around the room shed become all to familiar with every since mom passed. She stood up leaning against the wall she listened and like every night she heard bottles breaking and the sound of a women's laughter that he'd brought home that night. Anna-Beth pulled her tangled red hair into a low ponytail. 'Anna-Beth you're a waste of space, Anna-Beth you'll never do anything." she recited the things her dad had always told her. Anna-Beth could handle when he abused her but when he abused Liz, her little sister in anyway it got under her skin, that's how all of this started in the first place he just pushed her a little to much.

Anna-Beth thought back to the night her sister died, after the women he'd chosen for that night left he came down drunk like always he burst through the door and Liz shrank into Anna-Beth's side as he stumbled in.

"how are my beautiful girls?' he slurred with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. I pulled Liz closer into my side, he stumbled to us spilling the wine grabbing Liz and spinning her around the room with her in circles his hand slid down to her butt Liz flinched and pulled away from him he growled but just pulled her to him again.

'no dad stop." she pushed against his chest but he didn't listen. Anna-Beth jumped up between them

"don't touch her."

"how dare you speak to me like that'' he slapped her hard across the face but Anna-Beth stood her ground shed gotten use to pain

"i'm tired of you pushing us around and treating us like were nothing !' he pulled Anna-Beth's arm digging his nails into her wrist he spat 

"its because you are nothing" he threw her to the ground and pulled off his belt whipped it across her back ,Anna-Beth yelled Liz pulled at her dad tears in her eyes

"stop you're hurting her" he turns to her smacking her hard

"you girls need to be hurt." she falls on the ground sobbing, Anna-Beth sits up and smacks the bottle from his hand it shatters against the floor.

"you disgust me" she says through clenched teeth he pulls a pocket knife out and slashes it across her shoulder

"you little good for nothing kid" Liz hits his shoulder her cheek already bruising 

"please stop" he slashes her across the cheek with the knife. Anna-Beth jumps up between her dad and Liz.

"please don't hurt her, hurt me not her" she begged he pushed her on the ground and dug the knife into her thigh he turned from Anna-Beth to Liz and dug the knife into her stomach she collapsed to the ground gripping her stomach

"i hate you" she manged to spit out

"you ungrateful little girl" he twisted her arm hard in an unnatural position until a loud crack and Liz screamed. Anna-Beth sat up looking at Liz's frail body covered in blood her bone pretruding the skin she whimpered as tears slid down her cheeks. she mouthed i love you to Anna-Beth turning back to their dad

"burn in hell you bastard." he pulled a gun from his pocket placed the barrel between her eyes Liz shrieked as he pulled the trigger.

Anna-Beth was crying again she dog the blade she always had into her palm the sudden pain distracting from the agonizing pain in her heart. she snarled

"he deserves to die." that was the one thing she had played in her head over and over again, her killing him and setting her and Liz free. and now that Liz was dead because he killed her made Anna want him dead even more. 'tonight he pays" she crawled over to where her sisters dead body still lay she picked up the pocket knife that'd he had used on them she kissed Liz's forehead and whispered "ill make him regret what he did i love and miss you Liz  tears slipped down her cheeks landing on her sisters still pale face.

Anna-Beth curled back into her corner waiting until she the door slam and a car driving away that singled the end of another night, curled in the corner with the pocket knife gripped in her hand. she heard dad stumbling down the stairs throwing the door open light rushing into the otherwise pitch black room. he stumbled over to her gripping her shoulder, Anna-Beth stared at him with tear filled eyes her jaw clenched and blood smeared across her cheek. he pushed a strand of hair from her face she flinched from his touch, his hand slumped his head fell down. she took the opportunity jumped up pushing him against the wall. she used all of her strength to keep him there, he stopped fighting.

"what are you doing Anna-Beth?" she leaned closer to her father the tip of her knife digging into his chest.

"you killed her and tortured us for the past five years." she made a deep gash across his chest. he yelped

"do you really want to do this Anna-Beth?"

she laughed bitterly "I've wanted to do this for a long time , that's all I've wanted to do is inflict pain and put you through hell like you did for us." she made another cut along his throat deep enough to draw blood but not deep enough to kill him, yet "and now i get to see that look of fear and pain across your face and your blood on my hands." his eyes go wide with fear, like she had always wanted to see. Anna-Beth pulled back her hand and dug the knife deep into his stomach, twisting her hand. he yelled out in agony

she smiled "music to my ears." he fell back on the wall groaning tears filling his eyes

"Anna-Beth please stop!" he choked out

"no! you don't get my mercy, you never did a fucking thing to deserve it.!: with that she dug the knife deep into his throat, slitting it, his warm blood covering her hand. His eyes rolled in the back of his head he isn't dead yet but hell bleed out. Anna-Beth drops the bloody knife and falls back onto the ground. "its all over hes finally dead, i killed him." she whispers looking at her blood stained hands, his blood, finally his, not hers our Liz's  but his. A smile breaks out across her face "who knew revenge would be this sweet."

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