A Letter To Jocelyn

Nikki and her older sister, Jocelyn, were really close to eachother. They did everything together. One day, when they went to the top of a building, and sat on the edge of it, Jocelyn was trying to be funny and make Nikki laugh. She was standing on the edge, until she lost her balance and fell off. Nikki wasn't fast enough to catch her. It was all her fault that she died that day. Nikki writes a letter to her sister, weeks, months, or maybe a year after she died. She writes that shes going to die. She folds the letter into a paper airplane, and jumps off her roof. Before she could hit the ground hard, she feels strong arms catch her. She opens her eyes and sees that it is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Will Louis fall in love with her? Will love blossom between them? Or will She fall for a different member from One Direction? Will there be drama? Find these answers in "A Letter To Jocelyn".


4. Chapter 3

NIKKI"S POV: I was lying on my bed with Louis at the bottom of it. Hekept trying to make me laugh si I would't think about my sister. He made me laugh do hard that i had to go the bathroom.


"Lou, thanks for what you did for me today." I said looking down at my comforter.


"It's no problem, love." He said lying next to me, staring up at me and putting his right arm under hishead.


We were just laughing and having a great time  but not until Louis looked at the clock and said he had to go.


"Nikki, I have to leave. I just a text from my lad, Liam, saying I had to meet up with him at the studio. So I guess this is goodbye.." He said putting his phone into his pocket.


"Well. it was nice spending time with you and having a great time." I said putting a sad face on.


"Well, imma start going."


"Mmkay... i'll walk yu out.


We went down the stairs and Louis was abou to walk out the front door but he turned to face me. But good thing the fans were long gone.


"Here I want you to have this." He said handing me a peice of paper with a number on it.


"Whose is it?" I said joking around.


"Mine. So we can still talk to eachother, and keep in contact."


"Thanks, Lou." I said and putting it in the back pocket of my ripped jeans.


He left and he was no more in my sight. I had the feeling that I had to go after him. But i knew that would be a bad idea.


LOUIS" POV: I was walking down all these streets. Nikki's house was no longer in sight. I was past her steet, actually 4 streets away from hers. I kindav missed her company.


I felt my phoned buzz in my back pocket so i reached for it and saw it was Liam calling me. I picked up.


"Hey, Liam. What's up?" I asked.


"Well, Paul sent me out to go look for you and also pick you up. So, here I am in my car looking for you. So basically, I was wondering. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU! Oh sorry Lou I just yelled. I'm sorry bud." Liam is just so apologetic.


"Well, i'm by a Walgreens on Veiw st. So, yeah, you can come and pick me up and take me away!"


"Alright, be there in a sec. Bye."


"Mmaky, bye."


I hung up and walked around in tiny circles waiting for Liam to show up. I didn't wait that long cus Liam just showed up and we were back on the road.


"Liam guess wht. Wel you know i'll just tell you it. Here goes. So, I was walking on a random street minding my own business when a random girl jumped off her roof. So, I ran and cought her. How weird is that? Well, I saved her from falling off her roof to kill herself and yeah. Then fans came running down the street screaming my name. So, since I  helped her, she helped me. We ran into her house she locked the frot door and into her room and locking that door too.Then we were laughing an dhaving a great time but then she started to cry cus she lost her older sister and that's the reason why she wanted to kill herself.Then I comforted her and made her feel happy again. So ya, and then i gave her my number." I said thinking about Nikki's laugh. "Oh and her name is Nikki Flynn!" I added.


Liam just sat there to take it all in. "YEIKES! That's one crazy story. And this all happened before I texted you? Well of corse it did... But i'm glad you made her happier, That must be really sad about her sister, just a tragic. Well, we have to meet this special girl that you have met. Well, yeah so we are going to put this aside and get into the studio." Liam said getting out of his car and walkin into the studio.


I got out and closed the door. I had ringing sounds in my ear from all the fans but i'm pretty used to it. I walkked in and saw Harry making out with some random girl.


"Harry. Can I talk to you for a moment?"


"Yeah sure. Be right back Julie." Harry stood up an walked over to me.


"Dude, you need to stop doing all these one night stands with all these girls. And sometimes you really hurt these girls feelings. I like meet the nicest, sweetest, kind loving girl today. She is cute, and very attractive. She could really be the love of my life, and I hope she is. So Harry go over to that girl and tell her the truth no more one night stands." I said shooing him off towards that girl.


He walked up to the girl and i hid around the corner and heard harry say softly, "Umm.. Julie. I need to tell you something important." He said with a shaking voice.


"Sure, anything?" I could tell she was confused.


"Well,... you need to go and never you know.... ummm.... come back and... erm.. never talk or see me agin." He said not looking at her.


"Well, then. Fine! I'll get out of your life. You'll regret this. I know you'll would!" She said with tears coming down her face and going out the back door of the studio.


Harry went to go sit down on the couch. I walked up to him and sat next ot him. "You alright bud?"


"Ehh. I'm iffy. I really do hurt these girls feeling don't I?"


"Yeah bud, you do." I said patting his back. "let's just get inside the studio."


We walked into the studio and i heard the peopl talking about us singing Little Things againg for a whole different album. They wanted us to pick two of our songs from the second album, and sng coverd of different songs, and put them into a third album.


We walked in and sat on high stools and started to record our covers.

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