A Letter To Jocelyn

Nikki and her older sister, Jocelyn, were really close to eachother. They did everything together. One day, when they went to the top of a building, and sat on the edge of it, Jocelyn was trying to be funny and make Nikki laugh. She was standing on the edge, until she lost her balance and fell off. Nikki wasn't fast enough to catch her. It was all her fault that she died that day. Nikki writes a letter to her sister, weeks, months, or maybe a year after she died. She writes that shes going to die. She folds the letter into a paper airplane, and jumps off her roof. Before she could hit the ground hard, she feels strong arms catch her. She opens her eyes and sees that it is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Will Louis fall in love with her? Will love blossom between them? Or will She fall for a different member from One Direction? Will there be drama? Find these answers in "A Letter To Jocelyn".


3. Chapter 2


  I felt strong arms catch me before I could touch the ground. I opened my eyes and saw brown hair, baby blue eyes, and he looked so stunning. He was really cute and so goddamn sexy.


"Uhhh... are you alright there miss..." This mysterius boy said to me while helping me back on my feet.


"Uhh.... Yeah sure. Yeah...... thanks for saving me. I just lost my balance up there. By the way i'm Nikki, Nikki Flynn." I said a little upset.


"Oh, your welcome. By the way it's nice to meet you Nikki. I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson." He said shaking my hand.


"Oh, i've heard of you. Your in that boyband, One Direction." I spatted.


"Yeah thanks for noticing. I hope your not a real crazzied fan. It's just, i've been running away from them all day." He said while starting to walk down the sidewalk.


I just followed him to keep talking to him.


"Nope, I mean I ama fan, but yeah I hope you get the point."


"I THINK HE RAN DOWN THIS STREET!!!" I heard some girl scream.


"Oh, shit! I gotta go!" Then he started to run.


"Wait! Come with me!" I shouted, and started to run to my house. I heard him run after me.


We got inside the house and i closed the door and locked it, then ran up to my room. Louis was just a few steps behind me and i closed my bedroom door once he got through the door, I also locked that door just to make sure.


"Thanks,Nikki." Louis said putting his hand up to his chest. Then he went to sit on my bed.


"Hey, we'r both even now." I said sitting down across from him on a different chair.


"Yeah." He said puttinghis hand on his leg. and sighed really loudly.


It was really silent and it was getting awkward. So, I cracked the silence.


"So, do you know how long those fans will stay there?" I wondered. Not like I wanted him to leave. I mean, it was getting awkward, but he was just so cute.


"Uhh.. they usually stay on one steet for about 20 minutes to look evrywhere. Why?"


"Oh, no reason just wondering." I said then left to go to my bathroom. I closed the door and started o dial my friends number, Piper.


"What's that supposed to mean?!" I heard him shout.


"Nothin! I'm on the phone..!" then I heard my friend pick up.


"Hey Nik, what's up?"


"Nothing, I almost killed myself. Then a guy named Louis saved me, then I saved him from screaming fans. So yeah now we're hanging out in my bedroom."


"REALLY?!? Omigod!! Seriously, omigod. You guys better not do anything like you know.?" Then we both laughed. "Well, i'll call you later, like I don't know i'm really busy with wrok and so much more. So i'll call you whenever I get the chance. So, bye, Nik." Then shehung up and I opened the door and sat back down.


LOUIS' POV: I saw Nikki sit back down. she was cute, but now since that I saved her out ofnowhere. I think she's trying to kill herself all the time. That would just be sad, I feel like I have to be there for her now, stay with her, protect her, be her friend just she won't try to kill herself again, or if she really lost her balance.


I know shes lying to me. She just doesn'twant people to get into this. But I have to.


"Nikki, can i ask you something?"


"Uhh, yeah, sure. You can ask me anyting."


"Okay, did you try to kill yourself back there?"


"Umm... well the reason is that I lost my older sister, she umm... well umm..." She stopped and i saw tears come to her eyes. "Well, we umm... went to the top of a umm... building and you know we sat at the top of it and sat at the ledge. Then my sister wanted to show me somthing and be funny. We were having a great time, but not until she lost her balance and fell off the building. i wasn't even quick enough to catch her. Shefell and then died!" Then she started to ball her eyes out.


I went up to her and hugged her. Putting her head into my chest. She needed someone to hug her, love her, and be there for her when she needed it.


"It's alright, Nikki. I'm here for you. You can cry as long as you need to." I said into her hair while rubbing my hand up and down her back.


"Thanks Lou, but you don't know what it's like to lose someone you really love." She said moving back from me and wiping her tears off he cheeks.


"Actually Nikki, I do know what it's like to losed someone you really love. It was when I went onto the X-Factor, I lost my grandpa and grandma before i went on. I did the whole X-Factor thing for them. Because i loved hem so much. I was really close to my grandpa."


"I never knew that...... I'm sorry....." She said sniffling.


"It's alright. It's about you now, not me...." I said hugging her again. Sqeezing her tighter and tighter, I kissed her forehead.

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