A Letter To Jocelyn

Nikki and her older sister, Jocelyn, were really close to eachother. They did everything together. One day, when they went to the top of a building, and sat on the edge of it, Jocelyn was trying to be funny and make Nikki laugh. She was standing on the edge, until she lost her balance and fell off. Nikki wasn't fast enough to catch her. It was all her fault that she died that day. Nikki writes a letter to her sister, weeks, months, or maybe a year after she died. She writes that shes going to die. She folds the letter into a paper airplane, and jumps off her roof. Before she could hit the ground hard, she feels strong arms catch her. She opens her eyes and sees that it is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Will Louis fall in love with her? Will love blossom between them? Or will She fall for a different member from One Direction? Will there be drama? Find these answers in "A Letter To Jocelyn".


2. A/N

Heyyyy!!! This is my second book that i actually wrote. But i hoped you liked the first chapter, it was pretty long. I think? I'll be writing the second chapterreal soon, but pleas comment on this one and tell me if you liked it so i could keep writing this one. But please get the word out for this one too! :) And i know i haven't updated my "ADDICTED" one i a short amount of time but i really dont know what to write but i'll figure it out. The second chapter for addicted will be up probally by the end of next week or end of April or beginning of May. An thursday the 25th of April is my birthday. YAY! thanks guys for reading and other stuff. Love you guys so much. - KarBear ;)

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