Pregnancy blues

Jennifer had been with her boyfriend harry styles for a long time already they had been together since freshman year in high school now they were at the end of there senior year of high school what happens when jennifer tells harry some shocking news read the story to find out!


12. thinking it through

Jennifer's POV

I made it pretty clear to him to not look for me or the babies and now I was crying because of everything I suffered from depression and anxiety and this made it terrible all I wanted to do was.... Feel alive and I remember as a kid I use to cut I probably started around the age of 10 and I hadn't done it since I had met Harry now I felt a dying need to do it but I knew I had to be strong for the babies that were inside me it was hard but I knew I was strong enough to get through it. I had to be a women for the sake of my children I had to try my hardest to keep myself from doing anything bad so in the meantime to distract myself I did some baby shopping I didn't know what the gender of my baby's was so I really couldn't shop for much but socks and toys I then realized I had my appointment to know the genders of the fetuses in 15 minutes "fuck" I said and paid and ran out. I dialed Eric and asked him if he could come with me to the sonogram he said yeah and asked in how long I said 15 minutes gave him the name and location and left.

Minutes later

When I got there I was 5 minutes late but luckily Eric had signed me in so I was good he greeted me with a hug and said "I'm excited I'm finally gonna be an uncle" I laughed and said yep you finally are!

I heard my name being called and I went to where the doctor was waiting for me she greeted me with a gentle smile and said take a seat right there she said pointing to a bed. I did as instructed and she first checked the babies heart beat and said I have some news for you but you'll have to wait till i tell you the gender of the babies. Alright I Said then she started putting gel on my very pregnant belly see carrying 3 children's makes me look like I'm 7 months when I'm barely 4! Congratulation mrs. Styles she said you're having 3 boys and 1 little girl she said what!? I said that can't be I was pregnant with triplets not quadruplets! Well congratulations that was the news I wanted to tell you umm doctor how did I get pregnant with so many kids in one pregnancy usually it's 1 or 2 not 4! Well you see Mrs. Styles - I interrupted and said umm I'm not married to mr. Styles neither do I plan on when I said that the nurse knocked on the door and Eric opened sorry but there's some paps out here do I let them in NO! I said and the nurse said alright! And closed the door! Alright getting back to your question you see Jennifer you conceived this many babies was because of the amount of sperm or the amount of times you had unprotected sex during the week you fell pregnant I felt myself turn red as I saw my brother laughing oh I said Also your system was more likely to have my babies at once due to your irregular periods! Eric couldn't take it and waited outside laughing his head off! I then said ok to the doctor and said thanks for everything. I opened the door to see a red Eric being surrounded by paps I said to him don't say A word just keep walking he did as I told and walked behind me trying to guard me from the paps one said is this your new boyfriend? How many guys have you slept with Jesus first Harry now him and your pregnant do you know who the father is another said I saw Eric clench his fist and he punched one of the paps and said she's my baby sister how dare you say that!?! I continued walking till we got to the car I was pretty upset but nothing I could do to prevent it I mean I had dated a pop star and was currently pregnant with 4 of his children! I got myself into this mess. I said and just stared out the window.

Eric's POV

You okay I asked.

Hmm what did you ask me something she said.

She was pretty upset or worried so I decided I should take her out shopping for the babies I mean come on she's had a rough pregnancy so why not?

I wanted to buy some stuff for my niece and nephews I said her face lit up. Really!? She said. Yes My treat I said. Aww thanks so much I love you she said. But I'm kind of starving she said I laughed and said subway? She agreed and said sound delish!

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