Pregnancy blues

Jennifer had been with her boyfriend harry styles for a long time already they had been together since freshman year in high school now they were at the end of there senior year of high school what happens when jennifer tells harry some shocking news read the story to find out!


3. The weeks go by

I left Harry's place at around 7 pm and called the girls an told them everything they were happy for me they but also scared while I was on the phone I heard Louis zayn and Liam were there so was Niall with emy and well they wanted to talk to me so I told the girls I would tell them later and I talke to Niall who asked me if I had any food and then Louis snatched the phone from him and asked me how I was I said I was fine and he then started joking with me about harry them zayn took the phone and he and Liam talked to me at once it was nice talking to them but I really wanted to talk to the girls and all but they didn't let me i was pretty bummed about it but it was fine I guess I would have another opportunity too talk to them later.

I had been thinking a lot that night about college, harry and my life who would I be in 5 years would I be a mom or not would me and harry be together or not I then got a call from harry I answered him and he wanted to come over even though It was 10pm I told him it was fine and then I told him he should spend the night at my place he agreed with it and was at my place in 20 minutes.

                                                    ***** WARNING SEXUAL SCENE*******

when harry got here he seemed pretty horny he started kissing me as soon as he walked in to the house I told him to wait until we got upstairs so he did but as soon as we got upstairs he locked the door and through me onto the bed and we started kissing passionately then we started undressing each other without stopping the kiss we were undressed and our bodies were touching just our bare skin the he started kissing my neck and I let out a soft moan he kept kissing me until he reached my breast he massaged them I kept on moaning he then pulled out his erect penis and placed it near my entrance then without warning he pushes it in and we both let out loud moans he goes in and out as fast as he can until I reach a climax he then slows down but then starts going faster by the second "it feels so good I say he says baby I love giving u pleasure". then next thing u know e comes inside me it felt so good when he came inside me that we both moaned loudly and he got out of me and started kissing me after that we were exhausted so we dose off to sleep.

the next morning I wake up to harry kissing my tender breast I moaned and told him to stop but he didn't he kept going we ended up having morning sex it felt good but I was sore because his 8.6 inches became 10 when he was hard and I could only take so much


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