Pregnancy blues

Jennifer had been with her boyfriend harry styles for a long time already they had been together since freshman year in high school now they were at the end of there senior year of high school what happens when jennifer tells harry some shocking news read the story to find out!


2. The special night

The night of our anniversary had finally come I was very excited to see what harry had planned for us I wanted to see everything so I got ready and put on my dress did my makeup straightened my hair and put on everything that I had bough when I look in the mirror I didn't look that bad I wonder what harry would think when he saw me so I waited for him to arrive at around 6 he arrived at my house looking better then ever he planted a kiss on my lips and picked me up bridal style I was so excited to see what was planned for the night. 


We got to the reservation and it was beautiful inside and out I didn't know harry was so romantic..

we had dinner and then we went for a walk we talked about a lot of things like marriage and how we would be together forever and a lot of dreamy things. It was getting late so we decided to go to his house and so we went and he carried me bridal style all the way to his bedroom then we started kissing and he laid me on the bed and we started undressing each other with out breaking the kiss then we made love for the first time it was so amazing it felt amazing after that we had sex all night long and harry woke me up kissing my neck and caressing my breast he was really horny so I decided to have sex with him again an we did only this time it was rough sex and we both loved it ! 


I then asked him if he had used a condom last night and he said no I was now scared and harry laid my head on his chest an said he'd stay through everything if anything happened

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