Pregnancy blues

Jennifer had been with her boyfriend harry styles for a long time already they had been together since freshman year in high school now they were at the end of there senior year of high school what happens when jennifer tells harry some shocking news read the story to find out!


10. the flight

I got to California in 5 hours when I got there it was around 4pm and my brother was at the airport waiting for me he was angry I could tell. He then gave me a hug and said everything will be alright he won't hurt you ever again. I felt safe when my brother said that.

A few weeks later......

I asked my brother if he could take me out to eat cause I was starving he answered with a sure thing to where that is and I said to chipotle pwease oh and Starbucks afterwards I smiled at him and gave him puppy dog eyes and he laughed and said gosh you always know how to convince me I laughed and said learned from the best he laughed and said alright get ready in 20 minutes I said ok and rushed to the room Eric said I could stay in I searched for my makeup pouch and fixed my makeup, through my hair in a messy bun, put on some black shorts and black converse with a black tee shirt that said we love sleeping with sirens on it and had three arrows pointing down and one pointing up I had ordered it customized it had a picture of the band on the back I look down at my growing belly and said to myself in no time I'll have 3 little babies to take care of in the mean time I have to get a job to support these babies. I went downstairs and Eric was waiting on me you're 2 minutes late he said relax I said I'm a pregnant women who's carrying 3 babies I said he laughed and said women!? More like girl I made a face at him and he said let's go!

We got to chipotle and it was extremely crowded I wonder why it's so crowded I said to Eric yeah me to he said it's usually crowded but not this crowded I ask the lady in front of me if she knew why it was so crowded and loud she said it's cause that British Irish boyband is here I think it's called one way or something like that oh wait it's one direction I quickly felt my face turn red in anger oh thanks for telling me the news I said and turned to Eric I felt like crying so I told Eric I was going to the bathroom. Bad mistake Harry ran into me when I was walking to the bathroom shit I said under my breath "Jennifer he said is that you?" I tried talking in a Italian accent and said no no I'm Georgina I knew he wouldn't fall for it but it was worth a try he quickly said why did you fucking leave me like that? I said don't talk to me don't look for me or the babies ever again what don't you understand styles? Didn't I make it clear enough for you? Do you not remember what you did to me that night I left you?

Harry's POV

I didn't remember a thing I knew I had done something to hurt her and make her run away I just couldn't remember what...


Jennifer called me to the living room I was a bit drunk and on some drugs she seemed angry and pissed I just couldn't remember why but I do remember I hurt her I was violent against her and she packed her stuff and left me just like that she had also kicked me and punched me several times I do remember the because she was an extremely good puncher and that left me bruised up badly

~end of flashback~

Now I remember I said Jennifer I'm very sorry she was crying and then I saw a guy around 5'6 stand behind her and he gave me an evil look he said you and I have to have a serious talk he seemed angry who wouldn't be I would be mad if anyone hurt my sister. He then said Jennifer c'mon let's go! She left with him and said please don't look for me or the fetuses goodbye she said wait I said running back to her we need to talk about - no she said not now

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