Pregnancy blues

Jennifer had been with her boyfriend harry styles for a long time already they had been together since freshman year in high school now they were at the end of there senior year of high school what happens when jennifer tells harry some shocking news read the story to find out!


6. the baby news

when the doctor walked in she checked me and harry was there by my side the whole time telling me it was going to be ok. she asked me what my symptoms were and harry answered for me he said she's been throwing up a lot, having rally weird cravings in the middle of the night and she's been really dizzy and emotional lately. the doctor stopped examining me she smiled at me and said congratulations your pregnant! I was shocked I had many emotions going through me all at once I didn't expect to be pregnant I felt happy? confused? shocked? excited? angry? and sad? I started crying then and there and ran out of the doctors office harry chased me I ran 2 blocks with out stopping until I got tired harry catched up to me and pulled me into a deep hug. I cried on his chest and he said I'm sorry I never wanted this to happen to you and let a tear roll down his eyes. I couldn't stand seeing him cry so I stopped crying so he would stop crying. when I got up he pulled me into a deep kiss he bit my bottom lip a little and he touched my  hair and broke the kiss we walked to his car and he told me I had to start getting prenatal care because he wanted a healthy baby and if I needed anything he was always going to be there for me I loved that boy to death for being so sweet. after that we went to eat and I was starving we went to nandos and had some of there delicious steak after that we headed back home and harry picked me up bridal style and carried me. I held on tight and he put me down on the bed and saw that my feet were swollen so he massaged them and gave me a quick kiss on my tummy even though I still had a normal stomach it was flat there was no sign of a baby being in there yet. Harry helped me get undressed which I guess he enjoyed by the way he just stared at me from head to toe. then he pulled out some really cute panties and a bra haha very funny I said and I pulled out one of his tshirts witch was huge on me he laughed at me and we started talking about the baby and how it would be when he/she arrived to be honest I wasn't as excited talking about this I was still shocked so I guess that might have been a reason why. Harry was saying how if it was a girl he wanted it to be named darcy but I wanted her to be named Elizabeth and if it was a boy how he wanted it to be named harry jr. and I thought that was kinda cute of him he then stopped talking and started thinking hard I asked him what he was thinking and he said he was thinking when we would tell our parents and the boys it would be a shocker for them he was also thinking about marriage which I thought was a nice idea. I told him that we could talk about it tomorrow because I was getting tired and I needed to get some sleep or else I would look uglier the next day and he just gave me a dirty look and said excuse you who are you calling ugly and I was like uh me and he said have he seen yourself in the mirror your the definition of beautiful and perfect I smiled and said thanks and went off to sleep

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