Pregnancy blues

Jennifer had been with her boyfriend harry styles for a long time already they had been together since freshman year in high school now they were at the end of there senior year of high school what happens when jennifer tells harry some shocking news read the story to find out!


7. telling the lads

the next day I woke up very emotional I started crying and harry woke up and asked what the matter was I didn't answer I just cried into his chest he stroked my hair and asked me if I wanted to go get some breakfast I was starving so I said yes and I stopped crying and harry then asked me why I had been crying and I answered and said I really don't know he smiled and said we should invite the boys and tell them the news I replied and said yes so I grabbed my phone and called Niall and Louis and harry called Liam and Zayn we told them to meet us at nandos cause I was craving nandos and they agreed to meet us there in 30minutes so I took a shower put on some skinny jeans and my favourite converse and we headed out we were parking when we heard the guys parking next to us I was nervous to tell them I guess harry could tell and he wasn't as nervous as I was he held my hand and squeezed it a little I looked up at him and he pecked my lips the boys started cooing at us so we walked in and this girl took our order I didn't like the way she was staring at harry so I held his hand tighter and he looked down at me and asked what was wrong and I told him I didn't like the way the girl was staring at him and he giggled and said relax I would never replace you for any other girl so we all sat down and ordered I ordered pancakes, and French toast with a scrambled egg and fries and some orange juice the boys were surprised I had ordered that much and I giggled and poked harry he then knew that it would be weird if we didn't tell them but I really had to go throw up and I ran to the bathroom and threw up on the spot It was gross but harry knew it had happened multiple time already so he was use to it my morning sickness seemed to never go away which I hated because I hated throwing up all the time when I came out my eyes were red and the boys asked what was wrong harry walked up to me and said we had some important news to tell you guys they all looked up and I could feel myself start blushing harry asked me if he could tell them I nodded and said sure they were like get on with it and harry was like well you see erm uh Jennifer here ordered all that food and threw up in the bathroom because erm uh do you want to say the last bit harry asked no I said and harry was kinda scared and well I ended up saying well we had some fun nights you know and well something that we weren't expecting happened and so yeah harry finish it off right when he was about to say it our food came harry's eggs and toast with bacon im allergic to bacon so I didn't get that (im allergic to pork in real life so yea) my food looked delicious so did niall nd I had gotten almost the same things except I had gotten more food than him which was awkward. when I started eating I realized that me and harry were the only ones eating and that the boys were looking at us waiting for us to say so harry cleared his throat and said well erm we had sex and stuff and well I got Jennifer kind of a Louis was yelling at him telling him to say it when I cleared my throat and said harry and I are going to have a kid Im pregnant!! the boys were shocked they came up behind me and hugged me and touch my tummy Niall yelled out I have a food buddy he was excited then Louis said were gonna be uncles and the girls are gonna be aunts!! I loved the way they were excited for me and harry and our baby

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