Pregnancy blues

Jennifer had been with her boyfriend harry styles for a long time already they had been together since freshman year in high school now they were at the end of there senior year of high school what happens when jennifer tells harry some shocking news read the story to find out!


1. Harry and I

Hi I'm jennifer I'm 4'10 I have brown eyes and brown curly hair so anyways me and harry started dating back when we were in freshman year we didn't really get along in middle school until we discovered we had feelings for each other we started getting to know each other a little more and then he asked me out on my 15th birthday an so yea now here I am with him and its been 4 years that we've been together so I'm really happy about it. For our 4 year anniversary we were planning something special but I really didn't know what it was since harry was planning it so I was kind of curious to know!


(Harry's POV) 

I had something wonderful planned for jennifer and I to celebrate our anniversary first I was going to take her to a romantic dinner then I was planning on taking her to my place and well have some fun together if ya know what I mean! ; ) she was a wonderful girl and well I wanted us to get it on now and take this relationship one step further.


(Jennifer's  POV)


so harry had told me that he wanted to go out on our anniversary so I decided to go buy a fancy dress with Eleanor and Danielle and Perrie so we went and well I saw a wonderful dress on display it was beautiful it was purple on the top and black I the bottom it was just gorgeous. I just almost died with the look of it and well the shoes were also wonderful so I walked in the store and asked for it the cashier rang us up and we were off to find the accessories To with the dress and el found one that looked wonderful so I got those and they got some rings for them and we went to Victoria secret since I needed something sexy I'm case something more happened that night if ya know what I mean so we were off to Victoria secret and we had a laugh at how funny some underwear look el oh el

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