Pregnancy blues

Jennifer had been with her boyfriend harry styles for a long time already they had been together since freshman year in high school now they were at the end of there senior year of high school what happens when jennifer tells harry some shocking news read the story to find out!


14. chapter 14

Liam's POV

Harry she wants nothing to do with you I slid your card and all but what she said was that she was going to pay you back as soon as she could and to not worry about the babies. You fucked up mate it seems like she doesn't want you at all what you did to her isn't something you should of done. "Ok" was all he said before going to his room.

Harry's POV

I couldn't take it anymore I needed her forgiveness I couldn't help not being able to see her beautiful face her big brown eyes everything about her I missed the way she got angry and did that thing with her face I just missed her so much at that moment I realized I was an asshole for doing everything I did to her I knew it but until now I realized how much I honestly missed her. I was so angry with myself I couldn't control my anger I began punching the wall until my knuckles bled I didn't care anymore that was what I deserved I deserved more then just that. What I did to her was unforgivable but I needed to see her and know she was alright I couldn't stand not being able to see her it killed me. I had to step in and do something to see her I was going to see her!

Jennifer's POV

I was home laying on the couch ordering some Chinese food and begging my brother to go get me Ben and Jerry's ice cream and some weird movies it took forever but he finally agreed. When I was done ordering the food I decided I needed to take a shower to relax my muscles so I got everything set up and stepped into the shower it felt relaxing I was almost done taking a shower when I hear a knock at my door I wrap a towel around my bare body and walk (more like waddle) towards the door I open it and....... It's..... Him.. The one I've dreaded to see since before I started dating Harry. "Smoking" he says. "Go away" I say trying to push the door but he is much stronger then I am. "Now now precious just come with me and do what I say and it'll all be ok" "no" I say firmly. "You don't want to argue with me Jennifer You know I'm not in the mood for anyone to argue with me I just want to have a little fun with you that's all" he nastily said whilst smirking. I was starting to feel scared what if he hurt me or my babies? He then slaps my face continuously causing me to go numb I kick him as hard as I can but he grabs me by the neck.

Harry's POV

I'm outside her door I don't know if I should walk in but there's something that's telling me I have to do it there's something going on I just feel it like if she's in danger. I quickly knock on her door and I hear a banging noise I kick the door open. I find a guy who seems very familiar choking her. I quietly yet quickly walk into the room and grab him by the neck and say "let her go or I will kill you" he releases his hands from her neck and smirks at me "oh the one who took her away from me" he says. I then realize who he is. I go in for a punch punching him constantly until he's on the floor and I'm on top he manages to get on top of me punching my face a bit and leaving cuts on my face I push him off and I see Jennifer crying. I mouth to her "call police" and she does as I say I see a terrified look on her and face and that she has bruises all over her face just then the anger inside me builds up even more. I punch the shit out of this guy and before I know it he punches me once more but he sure as hell is way more bruised up then I am I hear the police enter they quickly pull us apart and take him. They ask me questions and they talk to Jennifer and she explains everything that happened.

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