Still the One ( A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Emily Collins, who is only 17 years old just finishing high school. Her life used to be normal until one day her Best friend Harry styles decided to go audition for the X-Factor. It has been 2 years since she has seen him, 2 years since she has talked to him, did Harry forget about is best friend? Will she ever forgive him?


1. What are you doing here?

“Come on Emily! They are on T.V!” My best friend Jasmine yelled from my living room. “I’m coming!!” I said and ran down stairs. Our favorite show Chatty Man was on and One Direction was staring in it. It wasn’t a new episode, they showed it last night but I missed it and Jasmine insisted I watched it. “Do I really have to watch this? I love them and all but…today I’m not feeling it.” Jasmine looked at me with a serious face. “What is wrong with you?! You haven’t been ‘feeling it’ all day! You and I both know you love One Direction!” I sighed. “Yea I love One Direction, but look, today 2 years ago was the last time I saw my best friend, he hasn’t called or anything, I’m beginning to think he doesn’t remember me anymore..” Jasmine’s looked at the date on her phone then looked at me. “Oh yea…that’s right…BUT, he might just be busy!” I sighed again. “Jasmine I am loosing hope, I think I’m just going to move on, my birthday is in a month and I am turning 17 I really want him to be here but I'm loosing hope. “Okay but can we still watch?” I nodded and sat next to her.

1 month later…

“3 more days till you birthday!!!” Jasmine said excitedly” I laughed.  “I know I am so happy!” I laid back in bed and sighed. “So what do we do now?” I asked and looked at Jasmine. “DANCE PARTY!” she yelled and ran downstairs turning up the radio and of course popping in our CD we made of all One Direction songs I laughed and went down stairs we started dancing around and just being the two crazy girls we were. We ended up going through our magazine collection we had at my house with the music blasting.  The song One Way or Another One Direction covered came on and we started singing to it, it was one of our most favorite songs they have covered, we were in our usual hang out clothes, shorts and tank tops. We heard a knock at the door we stopped and looked at each other when Jasmine yelled. “COMING!!!” we didn’t even bother to turn down the music.

Jasmine’s POV

We were jamming out to our favorite song that One Direction Covered One Way or Another when we heard a knock at the door. “COMING!!” I yelled and ran over to the door I could hear Emily singing in the background. I opened the door and looked at the tall curly haired figure standing there, when he heard what song was playing he smiled a cheeky smile showing off his white teeth and deep dimples. I could not believe who was standing in front of me. I shook my head. “Um yes?” the words stuttered out of my mouth; he chuckled. “Is there by any chance a Emily Collins living here?” My eyes widen and I nodded my head. “Yea I’ll go get her…” he nodded as I turned around and ran to Emily. “Emily!!” I said and she looked at me. “Who is at the door?” She asked. “Um how do I put this….Harry Styles is at the door and he is asking for you.” Her eyes widened. “W-what?” She looked passed me at the wide open door and saw him. “I cannot believe he has the guts to show up here after two years of nothing!” she said but not loud enough for him to hear. She went and made her way to the door.

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