Still the One ( A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Emily Collins, who is only 17 years old just finishing high school. Her life used to be normal until one day her Best friend Harry styles decided to go audition for the X-Factor. It has been 2 years since she has seen him, 2 years since she has talked to him, did Harry forget about is best friend? Will she ever forgive him?


3. I'm sorry.

Jasmine’s POV

*next day*

“Look I have to go, my parent’s want me home I have to baby sit but PLEASE just text him back! He might have something today!” I said to Emily, she sighed and nodded. “Bye!” I said and left her.


Emily’s POV

I looked at my phone one more time the text message read. “Hello Emmy J its Hazza, I know your upset please let me explain. X”
I sighed. “Guess I kinda have to reply…” I said out loud. I texted him back saying “go ahead explain. Doesn’t mean I forgive you.” I waited only a few moments when I heard my phone ring.

“Member when I said I would call you every day?”


“A few months later the lads and I got new phones.”

“Why didn’t you save my number?”

“We did not know we were getting a new phone, so I lost your number. Could never find it again.”


“I have been thinking about you every day… I miss you Emmy, I finally was able to come home, please forgive me?”

“I guess…but I'm still upset.”

“I know and I can make it up to you, do you gave plans tomorrow? For your birthday?”

My heart stopped when I read that.


“Well why would I forget, so do you have plans?”

“Yes I'm having a birthday party, my friends are coming over”

“What about after?”

“I'm free, why?”

“Can I take you out?”


“That’s great, one more thing.”


“Okay two more, when are you going to call my Hazza again? And could I come over?”

“I'm not sure and sorry I'm going out with my parents to go shopping for supplies”

“Darn, hey they boys miss you can we come to your party?

“YES!! I miss them so much!!”

“Okay well I will see you then Emmy <3”

“Bye Hazza<3”


(A/N) Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying the storyJ just want to thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions email me

I'm going to try and update as often as I can so if I take long please be patient I do go to school and we are having exams

-Love Karen. (the author)

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