Still the One ( A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Emily Collins, who is only 17 years old just finishing high school. Her life used to be normal until one day her Best friend Harry styles decided to go audition for the X-Factor. It has been 2 years since she has seen him, 2 years since she has talked to him, did Harry forget about is best friend? Will she ever forgive him?


4. I'm Finally 17!/Best Night (Part 1)

Emily's POV

It was about 12 noon my party started at around 5. Since it was getting darker early because of day light savings. My party was being held in my house, I was having a lot of my best’s friends come over, we were going to have to music blasting dancing around and having a good time. I also think Harry is coming, even though I'm still kind of mad at him. OH but the boys are coming and I miss them! I was putting up some of the decorations when I heard my phone ring. It was a text message from Harry.

“Hello Emmy, could I come over now? I can help you set up for your party tonight.”

I hesitated a little and then looked at my mom. “Hey mum, can Harry come over?” She looked at me surprised. “Well of course! How has he been?” I shrugged. “He just came back, I'm still kind of mad but the boys are also coming over but later tonight.” She nodded I looked back at my phone and texted Harry back. “Sure” I got a text seconds later saying “see ya soon x”


Emily's POV
Harry could be here any minute…It’s about 2pm Harry texted me he was going to be a little late. We finished all the decorations so I was in my room waiting. Jasmine was coming over at around 3 or 4. I heard a knock at my door and my head went up. My mother said she got it.  I know its Harry. “Emily! Harry is here!” my mom from down stairs and I smiled. “Coming!” I stood up and shook my head. ‘What am I doing? I'm supposed to be mad at him!”  I ran down stairs, since it was only 2 and the party didn’t start till about 5 I was only wearing some shorts and a tank top. Harry’s face lit up when he saw and I smiled. “Hi Harry.” I said as I made my way towards him. “Hello how are you?” I smiled. “I'm good, come on lets go to my room.” I said and he followed me up stairs.

Harry’s POV
Emily lead me up stairs. I was happy to see her I missed her a lot I just hope she still was mad at me. I raised my hand up to my neck making sure my paper airplane necklace was still there. I was planning on giving it to her tonight. We got to her room and she sat down on the edge of her bed. I pulled out her computer desk chair and sat down right in front of her. She was trying to avoid eye contact with me so she decided to look at my paper airplane necklace. “You still have it?” she asked in a lone tone. Her question caught me by surprise. I nodded. “Of course I would never get rid of it. It holds so many memories. You picked it out for me.” I said and looked at her in the eyes but she quickly looked away.


Emily's POV
I can’t believe he still had it. His paper air plane necklace he bought last time I saw him. I was there and I picked it out, he loved it, the fact that it has a H for Harry and that I picked it. I smiled at the memory. I looked up at him and he was looking into my eyes. I quickly look down. It was so hard not to stare into is beautiful green eyes. “Are you still mad at me?” I looked up and didn’t know what to say. “I…Yea… a little bit” I said and looked down again. “Harry I just really missed you I needed to hear your voice!” I said my eyes started to water. Harry stood up and sat down next to me pulling me into a hug. “I know and I'm sorry.” He said and kissed the top of my head. I laid my head against his chest and tried to calm myself. He put his hand on my chin and lifted it up making me look at him straight in his green eyes. “Emily please forgive me, I won’t ever leave you again like that, ever.” I hesitated. “Promise?” He wiped a tear that escaped my eye. “I promise.” He said and kissed my cheek. I smiled and hugged him.

We stayed in my room for a bit longer Jasmine ended up texting me last minute that she was going to come at 5 because she had some last minute things she had to do. It was getting close to five so decided to start getting ready. “I’ll be back” I told Harry and he nodded. I walked to my closet and closed the door behind me. I came out a few seconds later. “How do I look?”


Harry’s POV

Emily walked out of her closet after getting dressed. “How do I look?” She asked me and I looked at her. She was so beautiful, she was wearing black skinny jeans, flats and- I smirked when I saw her shirt. It was a half top shirt so she was wearing a pink tank top under it but it was a shirt that said 1D on it. “You look beautiful, Oh and I love that shirt.” I said and winked at her. She blushed a bit, and then we heard the door knock. Not once, not twice but 4 times. It’s the boys the always do that to me when they come over. They come at the same time and annoy the hell out of me with multiple knocks on the door. “I got it mom!” Emily yelled and ran down stairs. “Come on Harry!” she called after me I smiled and followed her.


Emily's POV
I heard multiple knocks on the door I got so happy. I ran down stairs and called after Harry. “Come on Harry!” and he was right behind me in seconds. I ran to the door and opened it and what do you know it was Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall! “EMILY!!” they all yelled and ran inside the house to hug me. “Guys I missed you so much!!” I said hugging them all back. “Dude! I love your shirt!” Zayn said and I smiled. “Thanks! I had to wear it; you guys are my favorite boy band!”  The all smiled. “SO WHEN DOES THE PARTY START?” Louis yelled and I laughed. “Now I guess, I'm still waiting for everyone to get here!”
We had the music blasting a couple of my friends had showed were very shocked that One Direction was here considering the fact that all my friends know I know them. I was still waiting for Jasmine. I heard a knock on the door and I ran over to the door opening it up. “Jazzy!!” I said and hugged her. “I'm so sorry I'm late!” She said “it’s okay! Come on lets party!” I said and we all went to my huge living room that was cleared out for me today and we all started to dance; my friends from school, the boys Jasmine and I. Tonight was going to be the best night of my life. Considering the fact that Harry is taking me out tonight!


(A/N) Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying the story! Stayed tuned for Part 2 of this chapter! :D
-Love Karen.


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