Still the One ( A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Emily Collins, who is only 17 years old just finishing high school. Her life used to be normal until one day her Best friend Harry styles decided to go audition for the X-Factor. It has been 2 years since she has seen him, 2 years since she has talked to him, did Harry forget about is best friend? Will she ever forgive him?


7. I'm Finally 17! / Best Night (Part 3)

Emily's POV

 After we got off the London Eye there had to have been about a million fans and paparazzi outside, camera lights flashing everywhere. "Just ignore the paparazzi, tonight is about you." Harry whispered in my ear. He looked up and towards the fans; they started screaming even louder he smiled and waved a looked back at me.  "The car is parked already by the dock" I nodded. The dock where the boat was parked wasn't that far away, as we walked side by side our hands brushed together. Harry brushed his hand over my hand again but this time he grabbed my hand and our fingers intertwined. I looked up at him smiled.

     We got to the dock and there was the boat. I was so excited, Harry helped me onto the boat, then he got himself in the boat, it wasn't a small boat but it wasn't a big boat. Harry grabbed my hand and lead me over to a seat, he sat down in the seat next to mine and took out the keys of the boat and started the engine and we took off. We were not the only ones out here there were a lot of people out here, and I also noticed some paparazzi who followed us out here not much. We got to about the middle of the lake. "This is amazing Harry." I said looking around. I didn't notice Harry had gotten up so when I turned around to where he was sitting he was there. "Harry?"


   Harry's POV

 I got up from my chair to get something I had hidden on the boat. Emily was looking for me she hadn't seen me so I sneakily went up behind her and covered her eyes. "Harry is that you!?" She said and put her hands on my hands try to take them off; I chuckled, letting go she turned around with a smile in her face. "What?" I said and she shook her head. "Nothing...” She giggled and then she noticed something I was hoping she wouldn't. "We’re your paper air plane necklace, this is the first time I have seen you not wearing it, did you lose it?" I shook my head and grabbed her hand and lead her to the edge of the boat. There were seats at the edge so we both sat down next to each other. "No of course, I would never lose it." I paused for a minute. "I put it somewhere special." She looked at me confused. "Somewhere special, did you give it to someone?" I shook my head again. "No, well I want to." She looked down. "Oh." She said quietly and looked down. I took my hand and lifted her chin so she would be looking at me. "Do you want to know who I want to give it to?" I asked softly and she nodded. "Yes." I smiled and pulled out the necklace we had once picked out together for me to give to her, but the necklace and another charm on it, not only was it the paper airplane and the letter H for Harry but i added a heart charm on it the heart read E+H forever.


                                            Emily's POV

 When Harry said he was giving his paper air plane necklace to a girl my whole mood changed and I just wanted to go home. He asked me if I wanted to know who he was giving it to and out of curiosity I said yes. Next think I know he took out a long black box and opened it revealing the paper Airplane necklace but it was the same it had another charm, it said 'E+H forever' I looked up to him looking into his beautiful green orbs. "Y-you’re giving it to me?" He smiled his deep dimples showing. "Yes, I know how much you love this necklace and I want to give it to, Emily I love you." Harry said not taking his gaze off of me. I was shocked at the last thing he said he loves me. "Emily?" I shook my head. "Harry I," I didn't know how to respond to h. We have been best friends for so long, I knew I was getting feelings for him but I never knew he loved me. "Harry I love you too!" The words came flying out of my mouth. He smiled his cheeky smile. "Allow me?" He said taking the silver chain out of the black box it laid in. I lifted up my hair and Harry put the necklace around my neck. I turned facing him and gave him a big hug. "I'm never going to take it off, never." I looked up at him and we stayed holding each other’s gaze next I knew Harry's soft warm lips were on mine. At the exact same moment the fireworks started. We pulled back and smiled at each other and begin to watch the fireworks. Today was the best day ever.

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