Kaya's life is full of yelling and cursing. Her parents always fight, but her only escape from this is, school, but she can't escape crushes, The Populars {or what Kaya and her friends call them, Fakes}, and prom! Every girls dream... Well, not Kaya's.


1. Friends with a big mouth

  Kaya felt the warm light of the sun warming her skin. "Wake up, Kaya your going to late for school!" Kaya's mom's voice filled the room. "One more day" she mumbled, pulling the covers over her head. "Kaya today is Monday, not Sunday." Her mother growled. "Really?!" she said pulling the covers off. Kaya jumped up and ran into her bathroom and looked in the mirror. "Is this what I look like in the morning?" Kaya asked her self combing down the monster of hair.  After, she got ready her hair ready, her light red hair was in messy curls. She ran to her vanity and got out her clothing. She threw on her favorite hot pink floral top, her white shorts, and her grey flats from Rocketdog. Kaya sped down stairs. "Mom? Is dad at work?" she asked. "Yep, one of the panda's got sick. I think it was Mindi" she replied washing the dishes. " Kay, Bye!" Kaya yelled running out the door. She put the song Wings by Little Mix on her IPod and put on her ear buds. Kaya got onto her bike and rode her way to school. She stopped and looked at her watch. 'Crap! I'm late!' she thought. She took a quick shortcut and rode as fast she could. After a few minutes, she arrived at school. Kaya put her bike on the bike rack and ran into the school. Her best friends, Kristy and Ivy were at Kaya's locker talking. Kristy's dark coffee brown hair was in a neat low bun she looked like she got a tan at the beach. Kristy was always so neat. Anyways, Kristy was wearing a short sun dress with a brown belt. Ivy's black hair was in a short braid. Her skin was a beautiful chocolate. Ivy had some jeans and a Hollister shirt on. 'I was not late.... I need a new watch' Kaya thought. Kaya looked around and saw Adam and his friends talking. She sighed. Kaya had the hugest crush on him. 'I'd never have a chance' she thought as she saw one of the Populars, the fake blond, all over him. "Kaya!" Kristy yelled, and it echoed through the hallway. Everyone stared at her. Adam smiled at me. Her cheeks turned a bright red. Ivy smacked Kristy on the arm. 'ow' Kristy mouthed. Kaya shrugged and walked over to her friends. "Really?" Kaya asked looked at Kristy. "Sorry" she said. They laughed. Ivy looked over Kaya's shoulder and saw Adam pushing away the "blond" and walking towards them. "Kaya! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!" Ivy whispered grabbing Kaya's arm. "Hey Kaya and friends." Adam greeted. Kaya stared at his green eyes. "Hi....." Kaya mumbled. "So, Kaya in science my mom, you know the teacher Ms. Sanferg" Adam began. "Go on" Kristy blurted out. "I need a partner for a project" Adam said. "What is it ab-" Kaya said getting cut off by Ivy and Kristy. "Of course she would!" Ivy and Kristy said. "It's about animals.... and since your dad is a zoologist I thought you would know a lot about them" he said running his fingers through his black hair. "Y-Y- yea I do... I pretty much have my own zoo on a table in my room" Kaya said nervously. "Cool" he said. Adam waved and walked back to his friends. "Why did you do that!!" Kaya growled at Ivy and Kristy. "Oops?" Ivy said.     

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