Kaya's life is full of yelling and cursing. Her parents always fight, but her only escape from this is, school, but she can't escape crushes, The Populars {or what Kaya and her friends call them, Fakes}, and prom! Every girls dream... Well, not Kaya's.


2. Dodge Ball

Kaya walked to the girls locker room to change. Ivy and her had P.E at the same time. "Hey, Ivy" She said. Ivy looked scared, almost disgusted. "What's wrong?" she asked. "A rat ran over my foot" Ivy said. Kaya made a disgusted face. Ivy smiled. "Common lets get ready for P.E"  Kaya said grabbing her gym clothes from her gym locker. A small white animal ran pasted them. "OMG!!!! THERE IT IS!!!! A RAT!!!" Ivy screamed. All they girl ran out screaming, Kaya just stood there. "Um Ivy? Don't you know the difference between a rat and a hamster?" Kaya asked picking the white animal. "Oops?" Ivy said shrugging. "Yeah oops." Kaya giggled. Kaya changed into her gym shorts and her baggy shirt. "Ok lets go" Kaya said. "Wait what about the hamster?" Ivy said. "I'll put it my locker until P.E" Kaya said opening the locker and putting it in a soft towel. She kept the door of her locker open just a crack. "Kay, lets go" Ivy said. They both walked out of the girls locker room and headed to the gym. "OK PICK YOU TEAM MATES ADAM AND CATHY!" the gym teacher yelled. "Great, one of the fakes has to pick teammates" Ivy sighed. A brunet girl with blond highlights started picking. "Kaya" Adam said. "Huh?" Kaya said . He motioned her to come. Kaya walked over. "You" Cathy said pointing at Ivy. "I have a name." Ivy growled. "Uhhh whateva" she said. After everyone was chosen, the teams were put on different sides. "Great dodge ball...." Kaya sighed. "Hey, Kaya its going to ok" Adam said putting his hand on her shoulder. "I might get hit in the face" she said smiling. He chuckled slightly. "Not if it hits me first" Adam said. Kaya blushed a bit. 'Ok, Kaya keep you head in the game not the clouds' Kaya thought. The first ball was sent toward Kaya. Adam stepped  in front and caught the ball. He threw it at Cathy. Kaya smiled and picked up a ball and stepped from behind him and threw at Ivy, who was flirting with a guy. It hit her on the back. Kaya did a little dance and Ivy rolled her eyes. Two balls hit Kaya, on the head. She fell on the floor. Cathy high fived one of her teammates. The coach stopped the game and walked over to Kaya. Adam kneeled down next to her. "Kaya?" Adam said. "KAYA GET UP!!" the coach yelled. Kaya rubbed her head. "What happened?" she asked. "You got hit in the face" Adam said. "you said you were going to stop that from happening" Kaya teased. He smiled. "Kaya do you want to sit out?" the coach asked. "Yea coach" She said standing up and heading for the bleachers. "Uh coach is it ok If I sit out with Kaya?" Adam asked. "Whats wrong with you." the coach asked. "Err my stomach hurts" Adam said. "ok fine" the coach said. He walked over and sat next to Kaya. "Does you stomach really hurt?" Kaya asked. "No, I just thought you needed someone to talk to" Adam said brushing her hair away from her face. Cathy looked over and scowled. Kaya cheeks turned a cherry red. He put his arm around her should. 'Omg!!!!! Thank you dodge ball' Kaya thought            

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